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Printable US Presidents Print Copywork

Copywork is one of my favorite tools in homeschooling. Today, I’m sharing the US Presidents Print Copywork Pack that I have created for my kids to work through.

Our curriculum hasn’t had a ton of US history up until this point, therefore, I like to supplement with content like this as we are building their base of knowledge in this area.

Last year, we did the US States and Capitals copywork and they loved it.

Benefits of Copywork

Undoubtedly, I find copywork one of the most beneficial resources in my teacher handbag.  Despite the fact that it is probably now considered an antiquated method, it works.

Not only does it teach handwriting it teaches all aspects of writing as well.

Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • A focus on the mechanical skills of writing
  • teaches grammar
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Grows spelling skills
  • Develops the habit of attention
  • Exposure to wholesome literature and information
  • Short, effective, and concise

US Presidents Copywork

This copywork notebook is 54 pages long.  The beginning section, has a list of all forty-five presidents in numerical order. Then there is a page for each president that has two copy sentences for student to write.


I printed the file, laminated the first and last page, then had it bound at our local print shop for $2.99. It was very inexpensive to make, sturdy, and looks great.

Another easy option would be to use a 3-ring binder or simply print and go.



US Presidents Printable Download for You:

If you would like this resource for your homeschool or classroom you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.


US Presidents Print Copywork Contents:

This is a 54 page, US Presidents, Print copywork resource. For more details check out the preview below.


Also available in CURSIVE

This U.S. Presidents copywork in cursive is also available and works great for handwriting and cursive practice.

How could you use this U.S. Presidents Print Copywork in your homeschool?

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