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Printable Summer Reading Challenge

Here is a Printable Summer Reading Challenge pack. It includes everything you need to motivate and engage kids to have a summer full of fun and reading.

My kids love reading. I think this challenge will be a nice change of pace for the summer. Here are the things this pack includes:


Summer Reading Challenge

1. Two Challenges:

There are two different challenge pages. Additionally, each pages has twenty reading activities.

These activities work to incorporate reading into the summer experience. For example, some of the challenges include things like: Read in the shade OR swap books with a friend. 


2. Reading Log

This is for the students, moms, or teachers who like to keep track of what has been read. Not only, is it a great record to have, but it allows the student to see their progress, as well as, remember what they read over the summer.


3. Punch Cards

You can keep track of the daily reading in a couple different ways. One, simply cross out or put a sticker on the completed square on the challenge sheet. Secondly, you can use these punch cards to and keep track.

Alternatively, these punch cards could be used independently of these challenges especially, if a more relaxed program is your style. Either way, works great!


4. Completion Certificates

You can reward your kids with these Super Reader cards along with whatever other reward you decide to give them.   While not all kids are motivated by things like this, other kids find certificates very affirming. 

Not only does it give the program a nice, tidy end, but also, a fun momentum of their experience. 



How the Summer Reading Challenge Works

The beauty of this program is that it teaches kids that reading isn’t confined to a desk or library but can be done anywhere!

Post the challenge and let them get started. There are no hard and fast rules, do what works best for you and your kids.


Summer Reading Challenge DOWNLOAD

If you would like this challenge for your kids, classroom, or homeschool, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.





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