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Printable Farm Animals Unit

What do you call a baby cow? And what is that red thing on top of the rooster’s head? What do pigs eat? Kids are curious about these animals they see while passing fields or on a visit to a farm.

Today I’m sharing a new Farm Animal Unit Study that I just posted in my Etsy Store. This unit was made for Prek through 2nd grade and was designed to answer some kid’s common questions built upon their existing knowledge of farm animals, in a fun and engaging way.

This unit highlights twelve farm animals: their characteristic, life cycles, anatomy, unique traits and their habitat on the farm… Let’s check it out!

Learning goals for this farm animals unit:

Before we get started, here is the basic overview of the learning goals I had in mind when I designed this unit.

  • Name and Identify the general characteristics of each farm animal (appearance, diet, etc)
  • Learn about the farm habitat and what it uniquely provides for this set of animals.
  • Outdoor exploration and observation
  • Expand knowledge of farm animals through poetry, reading, and literature
  • Build general, age-appropriate skills through farm animal themed math, language arts, handwriting, cooking, poetry, and nature play

1. Name and identify various farm animals.

This unit focuses on twelve particular farm animals: Cow, horse, pig, turkey, hen, rooster, cat, dog, sheep, goat, duck, and rabbit.

Kids are more than likely familiar with many of these animals. But this unit is meant to expand and build upon what they already know.

What does a cow eat? Where do chickens live? Why does the rooster crow? These are all questions that kids are working through as they are connecting their ideas with nature.

There are fact cards and flashcards for each animal, as well as various activities for the various animals. 

Note: while there are lots of activities and book lists included in this unit, feel free to add extra resources, books, or videos if your kids want to learn more about a particular insect!

2. Learn about the farm habitat

What makes the farm habitat unique? And what does it offer to the animals? Learn about how a farm offers food, water, care, shelter, protection, and space for its animals.

3. Plan a farm visit

Plan a farm visit with your kids! Hold some baby chicks, watch the pigs, pet the dog, smell the cows and learn what a farm is all about. (I’ve also included a farm visit scavenger hunt you can take along with you!)

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

 4. Expand knowledge of farm animals through poetry, reading, and literature.

Kid learn so much from books and will benefit from the various stories and perspectives of people and animals.

In this pack, I’ve got a list of book ideas (picture books and reference books), as well as, a poetry page. Also. I’ve included hand puppets to go along with the poems.

Our family’s favorite book about farm animals is, hands down, James Herriot’s Treasury for Children. The stories are well written, real-to-life, and are so enjoyable to read.

6. Build general, age-appropriate skills through farm animal themed math, language arts, handwriting, art, and nature play.

This farm animals unit bundle has a math pack, language arts pack, and handwriting pack. Along with special add-ins like farm-fresh recipes, and coloring pages.

Getting excited to learn about farm animals?

Check out all the activities available in this bundle!

Farm Animal Nature Activities Pack
– Unit Planning pages
– Farm animal book list
– List of activities
– Farm Animals poetry, handwriting pages, and puppets
– Farm fresh (kid-friendly) recipes
– vocabulary cards
– Farm animal poster
– 2-part flashcards
– All farm animals need page
– Mother baby match up
– Farm families (half page emergent reader)
– Animal fact cards
– Chicken life cycle
– Rooster and horse anatomy labeling activities
– Farm animals reporting pages
– Color the other side
– Farm animals memory game
– Farm visit scavenger hunt
– Word search
– Poultry puzzles
– Farm animal coloring pages

Math Pack:
– Farm animal shape lacing cards
– Shapes poster and practice
– Hundreds chart
– Perimeters
– Three digit addition
– Farm animal graphing
– Number words 1-20 (print & cursive)
– Farm Animal skip counting puzzles (10s.5s.2s.3s)
– Clock practice
– Doubles addition puzzles
– Number practice sheets (count/ten frame/tally/write/trace)
– Even and Odd sorting
– Counting clipcards
– Pattern grids

Literacy Pack
– Farms and Me (questionnaire)
– Beginning & ending sound clip cards
– Word Family Sort
– Contraction word puzzles
– Word paths (sight words, ch & sh, silent d)
– Word Builder (CVC words)
– Noun and verb sorting
– Upper and lowercase trace
– Simple sentences (emergent reader)
– Farm animal paths (prewriting)
– Farm animal report template
– Upper and lower case match

Print and Cursive handwriting Pack
-12 farm animals featured
– 2 pages per animal
– Animal facts copywork

Farm Animals Alphabet Tracing Cards
– a-z farm animal alphabet tracing cards (4 per page) (print and cursive)
– All alphabet handwriting practice sheets (print and cursive)

Farm Animal Unit Download on Etsy

This is a great unit study idea for homeschool or classroom use! You can download the Farm Animals Unit Bundle and get started today.

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