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Printable Pumpkin Alphabet Clothespin Clip Cards

I just added these cute printable pumpkin alphabet clothespin clip cards to my store. This is a fun alphabet match game that will go great for a preschool pumpkin unit, homeschool activity, or monthly theme.

pumpkin alphabet clip card A

Clothespin Clip Card Activities

Clip card activities are great. First of all, because they are a super-simple preschool game to put together in a short amount of time. And also, they are a fun multi-sensory activity that preschool-aged kids really enjoy.

Alphabet clip card games are also a great way to switch up a theme or unit. Check out the other clip card resources available:

Alphabet Clip Cards for Letter Recognition

Preschool-aged kids are all about hands-on activities. That is why I like to incorporation these types of letter-recognition activities into our units and for our little ones to do during homeschool hours.

While this activity builds fine-motor skills, it also teaches kids basic matching and letter recognition. 

Furthermore, I paired some of the more common letter-confusions together, so they can learn to differentiate. For example o and c OR d and b. As my kids come across these ones, we talk about how to tell them apart.

How we use this resource

Before we begin, we review the alphabet and its sounds using our simple alphabet chart (which is included in this resource.)  

Then, I give the alphabet match clip cards and a clothespin to my daughter. She says the letter name that is in the middle of the pumpkin then puts her clothespin on the matching letter. 

After that, I have her say the sound of the letter outloud and put her clothespin on the letter with the same sounds.

Simple as that.

This activity can last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes it just depends on the day. Some days we’ll switch things up. We will take turns, keep score, or work towards a fun treat. Either way, we have found this activity to really help enforce letter recognition and sounds.

Note: A lightweight chip clip can be used with a clothespin is too difficult for your kids to use.

pumpkin alphabet clip cards

Pumpkin Alphabet Clip Card pdf Download

If you would like to use this letter recognition activity with your preschooler, you can find this resource below.  (Great for homeschool OR classroom use)

alphabet match game letter c

How to Assemble the Alphabet Clip Cards

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1. Download and Print the Printable Pumpkin Alphabet Clip Cards

2. Laminate the cards

3. Cut each card out

4. Give your student a clothespin and a card and have them find the letter on the bottom that matches the letter in the middle of the pumpkin.

More Fall Preschool Activities

What are your favorite pumpkin alphabet activities?

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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