An Introduction to Letter Writing for Kids
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An Introduction to Letter Writing for Kids

Are you thinking about introducing letter writing to your kids? Let me encourage you to take some time and incorporate it into your studies. Being able to communicate in written form is something your kids will be able to use their entire lives. The misconception that letter writing is for handwritten snail mail only, is…

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200 Screen-Free Summer Activities For Kids

With summer in full swing, here is a list of 200 screen free summer activities that you can reference to keep your kids busy playing, learning, and having fun. 200 Screen Free Summer Activities With school on the back burner, summer is a great opportunity for kids to get way from the screens, get outside,…

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Thanksgiving Placemats and Conversation Cards

Today I’m sharing some Thanksgiving placemats and conversation cards. I love family traditions, particularly now that we have kids. The special and sometimes cheesy little things we do together is not only creating memories now, but connecting our past, present, and future families together.  Our Thanksgiving Traditions With that being said, one of my favorite…