Summer Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Here is a beginning sounds clip cards activity that I put together for my son last week.

He has to identify the beginning sound of the picture and place the clothespin on the appropriate letter. Super easy.

Clip cards work for him.

He’s an active learner (which most little boys are) and this simple kinesthetic activity with the clothespins keeps him enthralled.



Before we begin, we review the sounds using this alphabet chart.

(Singing the alphabet song with the letter sounds instead of the letter names has really helped him in identifying the individual sounds.)



Also, I strategically placed letters that are commonly confused with each other. (Such as d, b, p.)

He is pretty good with letter recognition, but there are still a few that he tends to get mixed up.



Assembly and use:

1. Download and Print the Summer Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

2. Laminate the cards

3. Cut each card out

4. Give your student a clothespin and a card and have them find the letter on the bottom that makes the corresponding sound to the picture.


Beginning Sounds Clip Cards Download

This activity was made with my son in mind, but would benefit any emerging reader.

If you want to make some of these Summer Beginning Sounds Clip Cards for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download HERE.






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