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Size and Color Match Traffic Light Craft

Today I am sharing this super-simple, size and color match, traffic light craft you can do with your littles. You can do it as a stand alone craft or add it to your transportation unit like we are.

Size and Color Matching for Preschoolers

This is a wonderfully simple craft for preschoolers. It’s not overcomplicated and you can focus on scissor skills, color matching, shapes, counting, positional word, and size words. Here are some conversation starters you can use with preschooler or kindergartener while you work on this traffic light craft together.

  • What four colors are we using in this craft?
  • What shapes do you see?
  • Which circle is large?
  • Which circle is small?
  • What does the red mean? Yellow? Green?
  • Can you show me the smallest size of circles?
  • Which color is at the top of the traffic light? Middle? Bottom?
  • Which shape is the biggest?
  • Which light is the same color as the sun?

Materials Needed for paper traffic light craft

The best part about this little traffic light craft is that it doesn’t really require any crazy materials. Basically, paper and pop dots. If you are wondering, pop dots are a thick double sided sticker that raises the paper and give the craft a 3-D look.

How to make a traffic light with paper

  1. Fold your black piece of paper in half long way. Open it back up and cut along the line. (You will use one of the halves for your traffic light.)
  1. Secondly, using two different sized rounds (we used biscuit cutters (#ad)) trace and cut out two circles of each color, one large and one small. (You will be layering the smaller one on top of the larger one.)
  1. Thirdly, peel the backing paper off of the pop dots and place them onto the large circles, then flip the circles over and adhere them to your black paper.
  1. Lastly, place pop dots on the smaller rounds and color-match them to the larger rounds directly in the center. And Voila! You’re done! Hang it on the wall to enjoy, use it for an auto shop dramatic play area, or save it for your transportation unit.

Add the traffic light craft to your preschool transportation unit

Add this to your next preschool or kindergarten transportation unit or to your folder of traffic light ideas for preschoolers. This preschool transportation craftivity can be used to teach preschool math concepts such as sizes, shapes, colors, and fine-motor skills.

If you want to make this more applicable to older kids, or to add an element of language arts you can have your students make this traffic light craft then add sight words or color words to the middle of each circle.

More Craft Ideas for Kids

In what ways could you use this traffic light craft?

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