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Ten Thrifty Ways to Teach the Alphabet

There are some awesome and thrifty ways to teach the alphabet to kids. 

If you make it fun, learning the alphabet is really just an extension of play. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Simply, give your kids the right resources and let them have fun.

Above all, sit down with them. Not only make it fun, but relational. If they associate learning with love and safety, that spark of curiosity will keep going!

Here are ten thrifty resource ideas to get you started.




1. Practice Pages

To begin with, activity pages are always a great way to teach or practice letters. Moreover, these uppercase or lowercase activity page packs include prewriting activities, letter differentiation, letter recognition, letter sounds, letter formation, and tracing.

(These are print and go pages. In other words, no prep! ?)




2. Lacing Cards

Secondly, Alphabet Lacing Cards are a great multi-sensory activity. I laminated mine, However, you could simply use a strong card stock.

Furthermore, my kids use yarn and a large, child-safe needle to make their way around the letter shape.





3. Dot and Dab Activities

Dot and Dab activities are a preschool favorite. This Dot and Dab Pack focuses on teaching letter recognition, letter sounds, handwriting, and fine motor skills for preschoolers through kindergarteners.  This activity is meant to use with bingo daubers, however, markers work just fine.




4. Wipe-0ff Alphabet Practice

Fourthly, Wipe-off alphabet mats are wonderful because you can pull these out and reuse them over and over. Simply, print, laminate, and go. After that, practice, practice, practice.




5. Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Kids love playdough! These Alphabet Play Dough Mats focus on building fine motor skills, meanwhile, teaching the beginning of letter formation.

There is a mat for each LOWERCASE letter of the alphabet with a corresponding sentence that uses that letter.





6. Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Beginning Sounds Clip Cards are great for letter and sound recognition, as well as, beginning reading.

You can also make this activity more fun by turning into a game: Take turns, keep score, or work towards a fun treat!





7. Alphabet Learning Folder

This Alphabet Learning Folder  focuses on teaching the three basic elements of the alphabet: Uppercase, Lowercase, and Letter Sounds. Moreover, it uses interactive ways to teach the get them involved such as, pieces, mazes, and games.





8. Handwriting Letters and Numbers

If your little one is getting more proficient with writing this Wipe-off Handwriting Notebook is a great activity. Furthermore, not only does this resources help them to recognize their letters but be able to write them correctly.




9. Preschool Learning Folder

This Preschool Learning Folder teaches the alphabet. Furthermore, it teaches a ton of other preschool elements such as: beginning sounds, vowels, rhyming, letter confusion, numbers, and more.





1o. Preschool Daily Skill Builder

Likewise, this Preschool Daily Skill Builder is another comprehensive preschool resource. It includes all the elements needed to learn the alphabet, as well as, lots of ways to learn numbers, shapes, patterns, weather, and more!




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