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I’ve been wanting to make this beginners handwriting book for a while. Having finished the Prewriting Series, learning how to write the letters was the next logical step.



Teaching Handwriting to Preschoolers 

I like to catch my kids at that age when coloring and drawing are second nature. Because when they are in create mode they are so eager to learn how to write words. 

They want to be able  to write ‘to’ and ‘from’, write an ‘I love you’ note, or proudly scribble their name on the top of their Sunday school paper.

These are great teaching moments, and if they have the basic letter formation down you can really capitalize on those opportunities. 



Beginners Handwriting Book Contents:

This printable handwriting book for kids is very straightforward and simple. For each letter there is a correct example of how to properly form the letter, a tracing opportunity, and then practice space. (Also, the learned letters are repeated throughout the book, so they are constantly being refreshed.)

This is a 64 page download that introduces beginning letter formation for letters A-Z (uppercase and lowercase). Through various activities and repetition, students will begin building the fine motor skills needed to establish a strong foundation for writing, as well as, be introduced to basic letter formation.

Other elements included in the book:

  • patterns
  • shapes
  • writing numbers 1-10
  • letter recognition
  • matching
  • differentiation
  • drawing
  • coloring

Note: There is a full description plus lots of pictures on the product page.






How to Use the Beginners Printable Handwriting Book

Go over each page together. Teach them the proper strokes for the letter they are learning. If they need extra practice or a bigger writing space, have them use a white board or extra piece of paper to try it on as well. The emphasis is not on mastery, at this point, but of developing fine motor skills and basic letter formation,

Tips for handwriting success:

  • Consistency encourage proper pencil grip
  • Teach them to form the letters correctly (yes, this matters)
  • Keep the handwriting experience fun and light
  • Do short lessons



Assembly Instructions

Whether you’re using this as a preschool handwriting resource or a kindergarten writing activity, you can easily adapt it to your needs. Here are the two assembly options.

Option #1: PRINT AND GO!

Option #2: Print, laminate covers, have bound or put into a 3-ring binder.

I printed mine front to back, laminated the covers, then had them bound at our local print shop for a couple dollars. Having this resource in book form is ideal for us, because we plan on working through it on a daily basis. 


beginners handwriting book page u



Beginners Handwriting Book Download

Finally, this resource was made with my kids in mind, however, if you would like a copy for your homeschool or classroom, you can find the download link below.

My First Handwriting Book




More Ways to Practice Handwriting for Kids

Once my kids can form the letters, then its practice, practice, practice.  I love the concept of doing copywork. This is basically copying down given words, sentences, or paragraphs for practice.

While it might sound like busy work, its not. It’s amazing handwriting practice and kids assimilate grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary. It’s magical. My two older kids have done it and the benefits of doing copywork have been very visible.

After the kids learn their letters, start by giving them short words to copy, then build from there.




Printable Prewriting Series

Not quite ready for letter formation? These printable prewriting books are great practice for building fine motor skills while practicing simple shapes and lines. 

  1. Basic Lines- Book 1
  2. Intersecting & basic lines-Book 2
  3. Basic/intersecting lines and basic letter formation-Book 3

preschool prewriting curriculum book




Additional Preschool and Kindergarten Resources

beginners handwriting book pin




What are some of your tips and tricks for teaching handwriting to kids?



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