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Transportation Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Today I’m sharing a huge list of transportation activities for preschool and kindergarten. Get your planner out and lets get started!

How do you explain transportation to a preschooler?

First of all, lets talk about how to explain transportation to you kids. Simply put, transportation is the way we get places (how we move from one place to another.) Have your kids name some things that take them places (Cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, etc.)

Next, challenge your students to come up with people or things that can be transported (people, groceries, products, animals, etc) Lastly, point out that there are modes of transportation that are for land, sky, and water. Discuss what some of those things might be. Here are some questions about transportation you can use to get your kids talking:

  • What do we drive in to get to a grocery store?
  • Which one of these is NOT something we use to travel? Bus, bike, frying pan, boat?
  • What else could a car carry besides people?
  • What could carry more people, a car or an airplane?
  • How could we get to another state or country?
  • Names some vehicles that transport people or things you might see on the road.
  • What types of transportation might we see in the sky?
  • How could we travel on water?

Objectives for a preschool transportation unit

Here are a few suggestions for goals you might want to strive for during this unit.

  • Identify various modes of transportation
  • Differentiate modes based on land, sky, and sea
  • Build preschool and kindergarten skills through transportation-themed music, crafts, activities, math, language, and imaginative play.

Picture Books for Prek-Kindergarten Transportation unit

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Transportation poem for Transportation unit

Kids latch onto songs and poetry. Here is a poem that teaches about transportation and is included in the free transportation lesson plan builder pack. (located in the free resource library, see below.)

Toy and prop ideas for preschool transportation unit

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

Music AND videos for Transportation Unit

Transportation crafts for preschoolers

Games and activities for transportation unit

  • Build vehicles with legos
  • Sensory play with water beads and water vehicles
  • Freeze vehicles into ice then break them free
  • Red light, green light

Math activities for transportation unit

  • Sort vehicles by land, air, and sea.
  • Transportation cutting collage
  • Train patterns – Make a train pattern using blocks or other objects.
  • Number hunt using numbered cars- Hide the numbered cars around the house and have your kids search for the correct number.
  • Transportation pattern block designs

Language and writing activities for transportation unit

Imaginary play ideas for transportation unit

  • Auto repair shop
  • Road building with masking tape on the floor.
  • Airplane flight deck
  • Train cars using boxes
  • Boats in water-beads (transportation sensory play)

Printable Transportation Unit Builder for Teachers

For my fellow homeschool moms and teacher friends, I’ve complied all these ideas into a printable resource. This unit builder includes everything in this post and also leaves room for you to add material lists and notes. (The transportation poem in also included in this resource.)

Whether you are creating a transportation lesson plan for preschool or kindergarten or just thinking of adding some activities into your homeschool preschool unit later this year, this is a great printable preschool resource to reference with a lot of ideas to choose from!

Download Transportation Unit Plan Pack

This printable is part of the Inspire the Mom free resource library. If you are already a member, hop on over to the free resource page. If not, fill out the quick form below and join for access to this freebie as well as other great content.

What are some of your favorite activities for a kindergarten or preschool transportation theme?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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