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Back-to-School Homeschool Mom Favorites

Gearing up for another great year, what would you consider to be your back-to-school homeschool mom favorites? Your homeschool essentials? Is it your trusty laptop or simply a generous stash of chocolate? Here are my top ten…

books in a basket homeschool mom favorites

Back-to-School Homeschool Mom Favorites

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1. High Quality Printer/Copy machine

I print things off the internet and make copies all.the.time. I know a good-quality copy machine can be a little on the spendy side, but if you can afford one, get it, you won’t regret it. We upgraded ours a few years ago and I decided to get everything except the double-sided option. Ugh! I can’t tell you how many times, I wish I had gone the extra mile and just bought one that had that feature. As you are shopping for a printer here are some features to be sure to include:

  • Laser
  • Double sided printing
  • black and color printing
  • High Speed
  • Bluetooth connect
homeschool declutter of machines and devices

2. Thermal Laminator

Other than my copy machine, my laminator is my most-used, back-to-school machine. I use it for creating learning folders, wipe-off resources, important lists, posters, chore charts, and more! The great part is, that they are really pretty affordable (usually between $25-$30) and they don’t take up a ton of space.

3. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

This is a definite must if you are coffee drinker. No more taking breaks to warm up your coffee during school. Pour your cup full and it’ll stay warm the whole morning.

Now, as for choosing a mug you will love, there are a ton of great options. I had the white Yeti mug last year, and it was ok. After a while, the paint chipped. This year, I went for a cheaper option with similar features, (Asobu Ultimate Stainless Steel Ceramic Inner Coating Insulated Mug).And to tell you the truth, I like it even better.

4. Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

We broke yet another pencil sharpener at the end of last year, and I decided it was time to fully commit and purchase a heavy duty one. I got a professional classroom sharpener in the color gray and there are no regrets so far.

This sharpener is pretty solid, so we found a regular home for it on one of our bookshelves. We’ve had it plugged in for a few months now and this bad boy is getting the work done. (This is my new must have for homeschool room resource.)

5. Ipad for learning

I think this resource would vary depending on your existing set up. For us, its a must have. We homeschool in a small space, and my husband and I both work from a laptop. We really don’t have room for a permanent computer set up for the kids. So an iPad is a perfect solution. The have done piano lessons, typing, geography, Spanish, art, and more on the iPad and its been great.

6. Ipad Wired Keyboard

We use the iPad for a ton of different things such as educational apps, creative apps, and typing lessons. With that being said, we purchased this iPad wired keyboard for the kids to plug in and use during their typing lessons. There are ones with bluetooth options, but we have found that having something to simply plugin has been the best fit for our family. Our kids use this resource everyday and it has become one of our homeschool essentials.

7. Handheld White Board and Dry Erase Markers

There is not a homeschool day that goes by that we do not use a hand-held white board and dry erase markers. We use these dry erase lapbooks to solve math problems, practice spelling words, or visually teach new concepts. Buy a pack of these and you will save a TON on scrap paper.

8. Organizational Bins

We do a lot of our homeschool at the kitchen table. That means that pulling school out everyday can become a chore. We have found that giving everyone their own bin for their school books has been the perfect solution. We also have an art caddy for everyone to share which contains our pencils, glue, scissors rulers, crayon, etc. For me, this is one of my essential homeschool supplies.

9. Heavy Duty Page Protectors

I like to have these heavy duty clear page protectors on hand at all times. You never know when a book is going to fall apart and you need to put in in a binder to make it last the rest of the year. OR you print your science curriculum off the internet and want to put it in a binder that will last. I also like to use these (and dry erase markers) to create reusable wipe-off resources for my younger kids.

10. Large Magnetic Fridge Calendar

One of my homeschool favorites is our a large magnetic fridge calendar. This holds all of our family events, important dates, and extra curricular activities. We’ve had one for years and it really helps to keep our homeschool organized.

11. Books for Mom

Lastly, I love to keep a basket of books on hand that I can choose from to keep me growing right along side my kids. This basket has homeschool books, decorating books, homesteading books, fiction, and non-fiction… basically, anything that sparks my interests and keeps me learning.

Need a complete homeschool supply list?

If you need a comprehensive list everything you could possibly need or want for your homeschool, check out this post and get print off this free complete list of homeschool supplies list today! Check off the things you need then put the rest on your homeschool mom wishlist.

More Resources for planning and organization  

What are your back-to-school homeschool mom favorites?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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