A New Kind of Thankful

Bike wheels whizzing fast. Pedals cranking. Breath heaving. This book is another link in my chain that is sending me in the direction I want to go… A place of contentment and thankfulness. A place where I can get out of bed and see the beauty of each new day instead of begrudgingly facing fussy kids and lukewarm coffee.

Ann Voskamp’s words from her One Thousand Gifts pricked my conscience immediately when she shared, “I discovered that slapping a sloppy brush of thanksgiving over everything in my life leaves me deeply thankful for very few things in my life.”

My mind drifts to my many unfinished lists of gratitude…Thank you for my husband… my kids…my salvation.. my job…


A sloppy picture of the true reality of God’s blessings in my life.



If I can be so detailed in my ungratefulness and daily notice crumbs on the floor, whiny-tones in children, and socks left in obscure places, what would make me think that true change would take place in my heart if I skimmed over the details of what I’m thankful for?



God is in the details, and our fulfilled life is wrapped up in noticing them. Not just noticing, but expressing our thanks for these touches of beauty He so intentionally paints into our lives.



I was blown away last week when I escaped to the mountains for a few quiet moments of thankfulness. When I exchanged my anxiety for gratitude, his promise of peace was the cool breeze that washed away my worries. It swept away those ungrateful crumbs on the floor and let me see the majestic blanket of evergreens right in front of my face.

However, the troubling thought I’ve had since returning from the mountains is that I don’t dwell there. My reality is a loud, sometimes very messy house filled with all sorts of emotions, tantrums, and animal noises, car noises, bodily noises… you get the point, a far cry from anything defined as majestic. 

My mind’s wheels are turning. I’m pedaling, and gaining some momentum.




I’m thinking maybe it’s not only found in the quiet, bold, in your face picture of perfection. But just as much in the details. That the ball is in my court to learn to open my eyes to what is already there.

While I wipe breakfast smudges and crumbs I try opening my eyes… Thank you for this distressed, hand-crafted table with all it’s scuffs and scratches. I smile at the numerous fork marks and indents my family has left. This feels good.

I get on my hands and knees to scrub the mis-fire off the bathroom wall for the third-time this morning…mm..gonna have to think about this one… Thank you God, for those adorable, chubby, bare feet dangling from the side of the toilet… I remember the day I saw those little feet for the first time. My heart swells. 

I’m pedaling forward. I have a direction. It’s going to take time. But I’m pedaling, I know where I’m going, and it feels good.   


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What is something, seemingly small, that you are thankful for today?

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  1. You dwell with the majestic. We were created just a little lower than the angels; we are the crowning glory of God’s creation (although sometimes I wonder if He regrets us, because we can be so very terrible.) And of all of us, children are the best of all – “of such are the Kingdom of Heaven.” Remember that, as you wipe the wall or scrub the shower: “When ye shall do it unto the least of these, ye do it unto me.” The daily drudgery of serving your family is serving God, and becomes holy and sanctified through your hands and heart.

  2. It is hard to see the blessings or joys in the everyday chores of life. Through unhappy times and when my soul is weary or saddened – I sing the song in my mind “Jesus Loves Me” and I know he is right there beside me. If that does not work just say what my Mother always said – “This too shall pass.” Ha

  3. Great reflection. Love the book, God really used it to go deep with gratitude. He continues to do this and I am thankful for what you are pointing out here about how it is easy to see the tasks not getting done around the house or the adult minds speaking up. Today I stood at the window as my 22 yr old drove off to work and I was thankful. We don’t always see things eye to eye but she is here for just a bit more and I am thankful. Your post is right on the path God wants me on. Thanks for posting.

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