DIY Diaper Wipes and Solution

Lets talk about DIY diaper wipes and solution. I shouldn’t have, but I did…I went to EWG’s cosmetic database and looked at the ingredients in the Huggies Natural diaper wipes we have been using on our kids. DMDM Hydantoin? Methylparben? Polysorbate-20? Although they rated only moderately-toxic they pose viable risks for allergies, immunotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and so on…


DIY Diaper Wipes

I decided to cut back on all those chemicals and attempt to make my own diaper wipes. So I started chopping Mr. Coppertop’s old t-shirts into beautiful, rear-end-wiping, six-inch squares.



Task number two was trying to find a moist substance to go with these imperfect, hand-crafted wipes.

This concoction is nothing that I invented. From what I’ve seen, the base of this solution is similar across the board: water, oil, soap, and essential oil. This is what I ended up going with.


DIY Natural Diaper Solution

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Directions: Combine all the ingredients. Pour into bottles. (I used 4oz glass, fine-mist bottles because that was what I had on hand.)


How it’s Going?

So far, so good. After I use one, I just throw it in the wet bag with all the other cloth diapers for wash. Super easy.

I’ve been spraying this directly on the bum but you could pre-soak all the wipes in the solution first. It just seems more economically-friendly to me, to use a spray bottle.




More DIY’s to Try




Whats your experience with DIY diaper wipes and solution?

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  1. Hi Jessica, I have not made my own wipes and solution, but I give you so much credit for doing it! It seems a nice project cutting the old shirts and coming up with the ingredients for the solution. We are down to our last child in diapers(he is 20 months) and I don’t think time wise I have enough to go through cloth wipes. Have a great rest of weekend Jessica, Hugs, Terri xoxo!

  2. I’ve made them with nearly the exact same recipe. I take a paper towel roll and cut it half (or even thirds), then soak the rolls in the solution, and store them in a disposable plastic food container. When I did the math they were cheaper than buying wipes at BJs or Costco even with the coupons. They are so much gentler on my kid’s skin and really help clear up a rash or infection. It’s been many months since I made a batch. I’ve been lazy in this department and went back to buying wipes, but you’ve got me inspired to go homemade again.

    1. Thats awesome! I saw the disposable option too. I might have to try that! I went with the washable because I was doing the cloth diapers and I had to do the extra laundry anyway. Did you make any wipes for the go? or did you only do that at home?

    2. I did this also and cloth. The paper towel wipes are great for on the go. I put them in a gallon ziplock and kept some in the van.

  3. Thanks for posting this! We had been SO good about using homemade wipes (a very similar solution to yours). But then we just stopped and started using store wipes. I can’t really figure out why, but this was just the reminder I needed to get back on that train!

  4. ” I started chopping Mr. Coppertop’s old t-shirts into beautiful, butt-wiping, six-inch squares” – lol! I used t-shirts with my third child, too. This time I sewed some flannel/jersey squares so they are sturdier but both work well. As you said, it’s to wipe a bottom, it doesn’t have to be anything special, lol.

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