A Newbie’s Guide to the Happy Planner

Apparently, I have been living under a rock. I went on a quest to find a new planner and upon arrival at our local craft store, I found an ENTIRE ISLE of planners and planner accessories. Planner accessories?! I guess this has become the ultimate cross between scrapbooking and organization. Then I came home and did some Google slash Pinterest-ing and found that this is not merely a glorified to-do list, but a full-blown hobby for some people.

Back in the day, before Shutterfly and Picaboo, there was a hobby called scrapbooking. This, my friends, was how I spent my Friday nights in high school. (I know, I was livin’ on the wild side.)

Stickers, die-cuts, and vellum were just about my favorite things in the world. Then college and life happened, and that hobby dwindled away.  I don’t miss the mess, but I do miss that creative, little outlet.

While I can’t say I’ve regained a whole lot of extra time to pick up a new hobby, I do think it’s important to make time to create beauty around you. Whether it’s decorating your home, lighting a candle, playing music, or putting a few cute stickers on a planner that you look at everyday.




Happy Planners

This Happy Planner is from Me & My Big Ideas Create 365. It contains a cute layout with monthly AND weekly views. Starting from July 2016-Dec 2017. This planner also has expandable disc binding which is great for adding checklists, bookmarks, menus, etc.

This Planner comes with several different designs. Here are a few: Hello Life, Stay Golden, Botanical Garden, Tranquility, Sugar and Type, Peony Florals, and Make Every Day Count. (I chose Botanical Garden.)



Happy Planner Accessories

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      1. Happy Planner Punch: This is the specific hole punch you would need if you are the creative type who likes to customize your lists. With this punch, you can include your homemade menus, lists, Bible reading calendar, or anything else you would like to print off and put into your new planner.
      2. Home Planner Inserts: This pack contains forty-five, pre-made sheets of lists to help you organize your life at home, including: Menus, budgets, cleaning, and schedules.
      3. Pocket Folders: These are great for holding little notes or recipes and are already pre-punched and ready to insert.
      4. Stickers: This is where you can add your own touch and colors. This is a variety pack, but you can find all sorts of color/theme combos that fit your style. Some people also incorporate flare using  Washi Tape.
      5. Note and Graph Paper: Pre-punched blank note and graph paper for those moments you need some extra writing space.
      6. Home Finance Kit: Includes Monthly Budgeting Form, Expense Tracker, Account Information, Vehicle Maintenance Tracker, Bill Tracker, and a Debt Snowball Sheet. All pre-punched and ready to insert.
      7. Expander Rings: Just in case you take this planner thing to the next level, you may want to buy a few of these expander rings so you can fit all your extra lists and inserts.
      8. Storage Case: This is an adorable striped case that holds the Happy Planner as well as, stickers, inserts, pens, and notes. This would be great for someone on the go OR just a nice way of containing all your planner supplies into one nice and neat location.
      9. Pens & Highlighters: Yes, they even have matching pens and highlighters to brighten up your weekly tasks. Don’t forget to get your coordinating accessory pouch to put them in.
      10. Fitness Planner Extension: Pre-punched inserts to keep track of exercise, water intake, and diet. It also includes motivational quotes and stickers. The ultimate health and fitness log.
      11. Priority Clips: These are fancy little clips to flag a page or confine a section. There are also some cute ribbon paper clips.
      12. Happy Planner Kit: And if you are a one- stop shopping kind of person, here is a kit that includes the planner, twelve dividers, pocket folders, sticky notes, stickers and magnet bookmarks.

With my busy schedule I appreciate the space of this planner, as well as, the overall, aesthetically-pleasing design. I like that there are options, and I’m looking forward to  brightening up my to-do list a little for the new year.

I’m well aware that some of you know way more about this planner thing than me. So tell me, What planner do YOU use?  How do you like to organize it? Do any of you guys really deck out your planners?



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  1. Daily planner? What’s that? Lol maybe I could get into it with all the craftiness that goes along with it! Hmm yeah I should be more organized!

  2. I’m a boss when it comes to meal planning. The trick is to be consistent. What I do is, a week before, write every day’s dinner in my planner, then write a shopping list of everything I need to buy to make those recipes. Then I forget the list at home, not realising it until I’m at the grocery store (we live half an hour from town so I can’t just pop back to pick it up), and end up buying whatever is on sale instead, along with some chocolate to make me feel better about being so unorganised. Pinterest eat your heart out, nobody can meal plan like me!

    1. Lol. Story of my life. Haha. We used to live in a small town a few years ago and we were about 20mins from any store and it was the pits when you got home and realized you forgot something! P.s. Great meal planning idea!

  3. Many years ago there was also emphasis on getting organized —long before current technology and craft stores. We discovered that some people spent so much time getting organized that the work didn’t actually get done, just the organizing of it. Now it seems to be repeating itself. We are list people, both paper and phone lists. Also use synchronized calendars on our phones. No fancy stickers but great reminder tones.

  4. You need check out Erin Condren planners. I don’t have one, but my sister does and lives them! I really enjoy your blog. Miss you and yours!

  5. I got my Happy Planner last month and I have been head over heels for it! I have LOVED stickers my whole life so this was like my perfect planner! Great look at all it has to offer. I highly recommend it <3

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