The Top Three Low Carb Hot Chocolate Recipes You’ve Got to Try This Winter

Today I’m share three of our favorite low carb hot chocolate recipes. With that being said, hot Chocolate is such a comforting nostalgic drink. I remember as a kid, it made me feel like an adult. I would hold my mom’s mug while the steam whirled up to tickled my nose… 

It’s comforting to know that while technology and society have changed, the cozy wonder of hot chocolate has not been lost to the next generation. My kids get super giddy when it comes to this warm, creamy drink just as I did.

Put a dollop of homemade whipped cream on top, and we have created the highlight of their day!

And who says we can’t be healthy while we enjoy this wintery yumminess? We have found three recipes that have been a delightful treat to our bellies this winter.img_1219_edited-1




3 Low Carb Hot Chocolate Recipes to Try


1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate . From This is not only a low-carb option but a dairy-free one as well. Without any alterations, it was a bit too thick for our taste, so we added some water and made it most palatable. The chocolaty warmth pared with a hint of the cool peppermint is a lovely treat


2. Mexican Hot Chocolate. This one is probably our favorite this year. We used this recipe from It is a spicier version of the traditional hot cocoa that will make your tongue tingle. It has a little Chipotle Pepper Powder in it, giving it a unique twist. Since my kids are little, we opted for the smaller portion of the spice, but overall, it was a hit.


3. White Hot Chocolate . The recipe is from This technically cannot be called hot chocolate because there is no chocolate in it. However, it is a nice white, creamy, vanilla blend of goodness. We sweetened it with liquid stevia and added a little cinnamon for the perfect white, winter concoction.


Add the Whipped Cream

At our house it wouldn’t be a complete cup of hot chocolate without a little…(ahem!)…enormous dollop of homemade whipped cream… We make this by putting a cup of heavy whipping cream in the blender on high, with a tsp of vanilla, and a little sweetener to taste,  (usually Stevia Glycerite) and whip it ’til it is gloriously fluffy!

I hope you can get a little moment to stir up a small batch for you and your kids. Maybe fill up a few thermos cups and go check out some Christmas lights, or cuddle up on the couch to watch your favorite holiday movie. 


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What is your favorite low carb hot chocolate?


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