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Awesome Picture Books About Apples

Whether you are doing an Apple unit Study or are looking for books that feature A words for kids, I’ve got a fantastic line up of awesome picture books about apples for you to try!

Reading books on a specific topic, like apples, is a great way to get to know all about that subject. From stories about apple picking, to nonfiction facts about apples, so much knowledge can be had in an afternoon or two of reading.

Here are some of our family’s favorite picture books about apples:

Reviews for Picture Books About Apples

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Picture books about apples:

  1. How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Ariceman – What do you do if you want to make an apple pie but the store it closed? You travel around the world! Go to Italy to get some wheat then continue your travels until you have all the ingredients. This is a wonderful book that not only teaches about apples but about geography as well. 
  1. Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie by Herman Parish – This is the perfect book for launching you into fall as Amelia Bedelia spends the day with her grandparents collecting apples for pie. Enjoy Amelia Bedelia’s literal way of interpreting life, and be sure to take note of the apple pie recipe at the end. 
  1. The Apple Pie that Papa Baked by Lauren Thompson – Similar in the repetitive form to the House that Jack Built; this fun, lyrical book is a delight to read. 
  1. The Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara and G. Brian Karas – Tara is quiet but contemplative. When the teacher gives the class a riddle to solve on their field trip to the apple orchard, she is the one who able to solve it. (This book is a little long, but pretty good at keeping its readers engaged.)

“Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard.” -Walt Whitman

  1. Applesauce Season by Eden Ross Lipson – Follow one family’s annual tradition of making homemade applesauce. Then learn how these family traditions pass to the next generation. A great book about apples and family.
  1. Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Suess – This is an easy counting book and is great for beginning readers. Count to see who can balance the most apples on top of their heads while practicing sight words and number words. 
  1. Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell – With bright, inviting pictures and simple text, learn about going to a farm for picking apples and choosing the best pumpkin. (This is a very short book that would be great for very young children.) 
  1. Fancy Nancy Apples Galore (I can Read) by Jane O’Connor – If you have little girls like I do, they will enjoy yet another Fancy Nancy read. In this one, Fancy Nancy visits an apple orchard and enjoys all the fancy fall colors as she tries to find the perfect apple for her dad. 

“Surely the Apple is the noblest of fruits.” -Henry David Thoreau

  1. Johnny Appleseed: My Story by David L. Harrison – This is a ‘Step into reading Step 3’ level reading book and is great for teaching kids about the historical legend of Johnny Appleseed. My kids enjoyed the storyline and the illustrations were well done. 
  1. Applesauce Day by Lisa J Amstutz – The kids see the pot on the counter and know that is Applesauce Making Day. The family loads up and heads to the apple orchard to pick apples, then makes their way home into the kitchen to prepare the applesauce. I love the strong family-fun elements throughout the book. 
  1. One Red Apple by Harriet Ziefert – The sweet and simple book features the life cycle of an apple from see until harvest and over again. 
  1. Apple Cake: A Gratitude by Dawn Casey – With sweet, charming illustrations and very simple text, this book dedicates each page to giving thanks for the things it takes to make apple cake. “Thank you, tree’/Thank you, flower/thank you bee.” At the end, there is a recipe for apple cake.
  1. Apples, Apples Everywhere by Robin Koontz – This a a fun picture book about apples where your kids will learn about different types of apples and autumn time while following a family who is working their apple orchard. 
  1. Johnny Appleseed by Reeve Lindbergh – With warm colorful pictures and rhyming text this book tells the legend of Johnny Appleseed. The man who traveled throughout the country planting apple trees wherever he went. 

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. Apples by Gail Gibbons – This a nonfiction picture book about apples. While I found it a bit long and detailed for younger readers, there was still a lot of good information to be had. 
  1. How Do Apples Grow by Betsy Maestro – While this book might get a little too detailed for preschoolers, there is lots of great apple information within its pages. 
  1. Apples to Oregon by Deborah Hopkinson – This is a lighthearted and humorous tale about a family who travels out to Oregon (from Iowa) with a wagon of apple tree saplings. The journey comes with its many challenges but the determined family works together to get Papa’s fruit trees safely to Oregon. (This book is great for teaching about the Oregon Trail, as well as, Apples)
  1. The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall – With colorful collage art and simple text, learn about the growth process of apples and what it takes to make apple pie. 
  1. Apples A to Z by Margaret McNamara – This is a neat little alphabet book with colorful, inviting illustrations. This book teaches kids all about apples by presenting a new apple-related word with each letter of the alphabet. (Example: G for grafting and P for pollen)
  1. An Apple Pie for Dinner by Susan VanHecke – Granny Smith is wants to make an apple pie, but first she needs to get the apples. Follow Granny on her quest to get the apples then bakes a pie to share with all of her new friends. Note: the illustrations were created with clay and mixed media and are a very interesting and unique feature of this book.
  1. The Biggest Apple Ever by Steven Kroll – If you like the other friendly-mouse adventures of Clayton and Desmond, you will enjoy this book. The two friends are competing to see who can bring the biggest apple to school. A great picture book about apples and friendship. 
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Best Apple Books for Preschoolers

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Trying to find some of the best apple books for preschoolers? Ones that hold their attention, yet are fun and engaging? From the list above, here are some shorter, and to-the-point apple books for preschoolers:

Apple Books for Preschoolers:

Books about Apples for Kindergarten & Early Elementary

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Wanting a list of books about apples for kindergarten or early elementary? Here are some of our favorite titles of awesome picture books about apples for kindergarten and early elementary:

Apple Books for Kindergarten & Elementary:

Apple Books for an Apple Unit

All of these awesome Apple Books would be a wonderful addition to our printable Apple Unit Study! This Apple unit study features beautiful apple resources and activities for preschoolers through 2nd grade and is perfect for homeschool or classroom use!

More Apple Resources

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a commission.

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