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Parts of an Apple Craft

Here is a fun, little, parts of an apple craft we did with our kids. Stick around to find out where to get the template download and how we used this craft to learn more about apples in our homeschool.

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What are the parts of an apple?

This activity focuses on teaching the stem, leaf, skin, flesh, core, and seeds. The best way to demonstrate this is to cut open an apple with your kids and let them see, hear, small, taste, and touch the real thing for themselves.

If you don’t have an apple at home you can show this parts of an apple video of a teacher cutting up an apple and explaining each part to her students.

What can my kids learn from this apple parts craft?

This year, I am really loving the idea of creating units for us to use in our homeschool. We just put together this apple-themed unit study for preschool and kindergarten and this activity is part of that apple unit plan. Although this activity would be great for kids K-2nd.

Apples are a great topic to jump into, especially with little ones. From harvest time to the season of autumn, kids can learn a lot from this topic.

This particular apple activity teaches:

  • Learning the parts of an apple
  • fine motor stills (using glue and scissors)
  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Sequencing (layering the apple pieces)
  • Vocabulary

Materials Needed for Apple Parts Craft

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  1. Colored card-stock or construction paper
  • Red Paper (skin)
  • White paper (flesh)
  • Green (leaf)
  • Brown paper (stem)
  • Black paper(seeds)
  • Light peach or yellow paper (core)

2. Apple Template

3. Apple parts page (included in template file)

4. Scissors

5. Glue Stick

Directions for parts of an apple craft

  1. Download and print apple parts craft template OR free-hand draw the shapes for yourself. (You will need: outer apple, inner apple, leaf, stem, core, and seeds)
  1. Cut out the template pieces and trace them onto the colored paper, then cut each piece out.
  1. Cut off the label section off of the apple parts page and cut out each label.

  1. Using a glue stick, begin building the apple on the apple parts page.
  1. Glue on the rest of the colored pieces.until the apple is complete.
  1. Lastly, practice labeling the apple. Glue labels in place.

More Apple Activities

What are you favorite apple activities?

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