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Build-a-Bear for Learning Colors

I love chubby, toddler hands. Just looking at that feature image (eek! So cute!) Here is a build-a-bear for learning colors activity. 

My older two have lost their baby look, so I’m currently at the  hurry-up-and-be-obsessed-with-her-because-it-won’t-last-much-longer phase. ?


Build-a-Bear Activity

I recently put together this fun, little activity for our youngest as she is beginning to identify her colors.

Let me just say, she loved it! While she didn’t get the names of the colors correct the first time, she matched the colors like a pro. 

I just laid out the cards and loose pieces in front of her and she picked out the colors and matched them to the correct bear body.


Download and Assembly

If you would like to download this activity for your little one OR for your classroom you can find it HERE.


  1. Download the Build-a-Bear activity printable.
  2. Laminate each page.
  3. Cut out the bear cards and the individual legs/arm pieces.
  4. Use Clear Velcro to connect the leg/arm pieces to the cards.




Note: For more activities on what to do with toddlers while homeschooling your other kids, check out THIS POST.




What are your favorite preschool activities for learning colors?




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