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Fun and Easy Accordion Heart Craft

Who doesn’t love a fun heart craft? One you can do with the whole family, including the littles? Today I’ve got a super-easy, fun one for you to try.

Accordion hearts.

Our five year old just discovered the accordion fold or fan fold (whichever you call it) and she was all about this craft! The novelty that paper could do that! I think she went through a handful of coffee filters all on her own.

Try them for yourself, grab a few coffee filters and colored paper and let’s get started!

Materials for the accordion heart craft

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The best part about this craft, is that you more than likely have all the materials already in your home. (Unless, you don’t drink coffee.) Of course, you don’t have to use coffee filters, any paper will do, as long as you cut it in a circle.


How to make the accordion heart craft

  1. Trace some circles onto your cardstock paper (We used different sized bowls, and traced around the edges with a pencil and it worked great.)

Note: Skip the first two steps with the coffee filters because they are already circles.

2. Cut out your circles.

3. Now that you have your cardstock circles cut out and your coffee filters handy, now its time time for the folding fun. Fold your circle in half then open it back up. Then, starting at one end, begin folding the paper like an accordion (or a fan) until you’ve reaching the other side.

4. Once your circle is completely accordion-folded, glue the top then fold up both sides to form a heart. Press and hold till the glue is dry enough to hold the sides together.

5. Once you have made your hearts, string your embroidery needle and begin lacing your hearts onto the string to form a garland.

As you go, make note of the front and back of your hearts, if you string them carefully, you can get the string not to show on the front of the hearts. (This took us a few tries, but we eventually got it right.)

Also, try to make the hole at the top of the heart rather than the middle so it hangs nice.

6. Stand back and admire your work, then decide where you want to display your hearts.

Things you can do with your accordion hearts

Whether you are doing this as a Valentine’s day or Mother’s Day heart craft there are some fun ways you can enjoy the finished product. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a garland and hang in over a doorway, chalkboard, cabinet, mirror, or shelf.
  • use as ornaments
  • use them as gift toppers or tags
  • give them as a gift
  • use as party decor
  • Add to a Valentines Day or Mother’s Day table setting

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I would love to see how your accordion hearts turned out! Take a picture and tag me @inspirethemom on Instagram!

How will you be displaying your accordion heart craft?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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