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Parts of a Rose Mini Unit

Want to teach your kids how to name flowers or to identify parts? Or learn them for yourself? The rose is great place to start.

Today I’m sharing a simple, mini unit pack about roses that I just listed in my Etsy Store. It is designed for preschool through 3rd grade and it teaches kids all about roses. From identifying and labeling parts, to poetry and handwriting practice.

I love the watercolored, real-to-life rose illustrations. I think they represent the gentle, elegant beauty that roses are.

Learning goals for this unit:

Before we look closer at the contents of this unit, here is the basic overview of the learning goals I had in mind when I designed this unit.

  • Identify the general characteristics of a rose (appearance, smell, feel, etc)
  • Identify and label the parts.
  • Expand knowledge of roses through reading and poetry
  • Build general, age-appropriate skills through rose-themed language arts, handwriting, poetry, and nature play.

What is a rose?

A rose is a thorny shrub that produces fragrant flowers that are typically red, pink, yellow, and white. However, many hybrids with color variation have been created.

The rose bush is native to Asia, Europe, North America, and Northwestern Africa. Though, its variations can be seen around the world.

For generations, roses have been given as symbols of love and friendship. Each color represents a different message or meaning for the recipient.

Fun fact: the petals of a rose are edible. In fact, they contain vitamins like A and C, as well as, iron and calcium. You can also make tea from rose hips.

What are the basic parts of a rose?

As for the parts of a rose, I wanted to keep it simple and easy to understand for the age bracket I was aiming for. With that being said, these are the parts that we focus on:

  • pedals
  • sepal
  • thorns
  • stems
  • root
  • bud
  • rose hip

Poetry and Handwriting

How do you describe a rose? Beautiful? Fragrant? What things are roses associated with? Summer? Love? Bouquets?

Through poetry and handwriting, this unit gives kids an idea of what a this flower is all about and some vocabulary to express it.

(Print and cursive options are both included.)

Rose resources for kids

Its unfortunate, but there really are not a ton of rose-specific books for kids that I could find. However, there are lots of wonderful nature resources that refer to roses and would be great to read excerpts from OR simply let kids peruse through the pictures for enjoyment.

Mini Rose Unit Activities

  • Parts of a rose poster
  • flashcards (8)
  • labeling activities
  • handwriting pages (for multiple ages)
  • original poem

Parts of a Rose Mini Unit Download

This is a great resource for homeschool or classroom use. You can download the Parts of a Rose Mini Unit and get started today!

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I would love to see how you are using this Rose Mini Unit in your homeschool or classroom! Take a picture and tag me @inspirethemom on Instagram!

More Resources on Nature Study

What is your favorite type or color of rose?

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