Dear Mom, Here’s the ONE Thing You Need To Do Today

Last week our sweet friends lost their three-month-old baby son.  Having a daughter only a couple months older, we felt this very close to our hearts. While we cannot undo their grief, we can learn from their story. And if there is one thing to be done today, it is to hold our babies close.



Sweet Mama Hold Your Babies Close

Sweet Mama hold your babies close,
Tomorrow’s not guaranteed.
Hug them tight, through the night,
Watch over them while they sleep.

Run your fingers through their hair,
Wipe their nose and cheeks.
Gently kiss their little hands
While tickling their feet.

Smile bright into their eyes
‘til they return the favor,
Quickly bask in their twinkle
Time is short, so savor.

Bury your face in their fluffy creases,
Smell their milky scent
Hold tight their tiny fingers,
Until their wake is spent.

Sing softly songs of comfort,
Calm their anxious cries,
Let them snuggle, and feel safe,
And in your arms abide.

Kiss the top of their heads,
Kiss their little nose,
Smother them in love and hugs.
Heavy eyes will drift, then doze.

Don’t be in a hurry,
Everything else can wait.
This seasons’ is short already
Just let them captivate.

Sweet Mama hold your babies close,
Tomorrow’s not guaranteed
Hug them tight, through the night
Watch over them while they sleep.


(To Brian and Rebekah, May God hold your sweet, little Becket with a love we cannot comprehend, and may your hearts be filled with His peace so deep, that we will never understand.)


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In what ways and you love your kids and hold your babies close today?


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  1. That is so sweet and thought provoking Jessica for all of us with young children, we don’t know what tomorrow brings , Just be grateful for the here and now, condolences to your friends, huggs, Terri❤

  2. This is beautiful and I cried reading it. Our boys are 4 and 3 and time is going too fast. I never knew how much I could love anyone until I had children and when I lost my mother. This poem touches my heart.

  3. Oh my…Tears are streaming down my face right now. This has touched my heart so deeply. This is so true and its something as the mother of seven little ones at home that I struggle with. Yet I know that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. I am trying to do better to be present and enjoy them NOW. The dishes can wait. Thank you for the gift of this lovely poem. I am so very sorry to hear of your friend’s loss…They are in my prayers….

  4. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend’s precious one. My husband and I loss our infant son almost four years ago. The pain was unbearable at times. It was then our faith carried us through as we stood on the Rock.

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