Easy Ways to Save Money and Create Less Waste by Replacing Disposable With Reusable

With the new year at hand, I’ve got goals on the mind… One of these goals is to invest in a few practical items that would cut down on our waste, and possibly even save us a little money in the long run.  After a quick inventory, it was easy to see that a lot of our waste comes from disposable items that if we thought a little smarter, we could either do without or find a better alternative.

We made the switch over to cloth diapers last year, which was a big one for me. I was hesitant to start that train, because of the extra work, but it has really paid off.

One of our huge waste products I’d like to switch over this year are plastic sandwich bags. I buy those things just every time I go shopping. I mostly use them for Mr. Coppertop’s lunches, but every time I pull one out, I think it would be so much more eco and budget-friendly if I just made or purchased a reusable option.

Out of curiosity I started making a list of things that I could replace in my house that would meet my two criteria: Save money and create less waste. Some of these things we have already put into place, some of them are goals we’d like to implement this year, and some of these items were just too interesting not to share. 



Reusable Items to Create Less Waste 

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What reusable items have you purchased or make that help you to create less waste?

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

*This post contains Amazon affiliate linkseasy-ways-to-save-money-and-create-less-waste

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  1. Hey you forgot reusable toilet paper!! Lol. I think I’ll keep spending money on that. I do need to get better about plastics such as bags. Thanks šŸ™‚ we just use old towels instead of paper towels. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. We do handkerchiefs;our babies think it’s the coolest thing ever!. Though some of my friends think it’s old school. Love it along with other reusable items. Beautiful ideas. Will try some out ?

  3. Great list. We have reusable shopping bags, buy I am the worst at remembering to use them. And since we live in the bush, we are fully reliant on rainwater for our home water supply, so cloth diapers were not an option. (My kids were born in a drought. Water conservation took precedent over everything else.) But we’re good at the rest of it. For lunches, why not use a lunch box with built-in compartments to keep the food separate?

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