When Motherhood Asks you to Leave Your Peaceful Perch

I sat down on the reclining patio chair to supervise my barefooted cherubs in the backyard. I made a mental note that the sun was very hot and I hoped the garter snakes stay away till we go inside.

It seems like whenever I sit down, a crisis will inevitably happen. Whether it’s the shrieking panic of a certain female because she saw a snake, or a child who waited till the last minute to respond to the call of nature.

I’m not sure if it’s God’s way of answering my request to lose weight miraculously or my own paranoia, but sitting for any amount of time just doesn’t seem to happen very often.

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I leaned back and took in a deep breath of sunshine and pine. When my kids are grown, I’m going to sit here for an entire day just listening to birds sing and patting my wind-blown hair back into place.

Of course, I had to put my moment on hold to remove the dirt the baby was starting to put into her mouth and take the hose from my son who was twirling it above his head like a lasso…

Ahh…back to my peaceful perch. I could definitely get used to this.

“Hey Look! Mom!” Squinting through the sunshine, Jovie walks over with a grin on her face. She pulls out a little daisy and hands it to me. “Here Mom, I love you.” Consequently, I melt into mommy-mush all over my rusty lawn chair.

virginia lackinger

Glowing from the successful reaction she got from me, she quickly bounces off into the grass to pick more gifts.

Her infectious act of giving was a simple wake up call to my thoughts of coveted uninterrupted quiet time. As much as I crave rest from the constant demands of motherhood, this season with my little ones is a gift, not just for me, but from me to them.

I twist this little half-wilted reminder between my fingers and feel that whisper on my heart that giving is what makes life full.


It starts with daisies then turns into dishes.


The abundant life is giving when I’m tired and serving when I’d rather sit. It’s not thinking less of myself, but thinking of myself less.

It’s not to say that I’m not allowed to have quiet and restful moments, (because there are days Tylenol and a nap is the best thing for the greater good, you know what I mean?).

But it might mean that I joyfully give up some of my peaceful perches so that I might give to the little hearts in our home.

I stand up, rescue the baby from another dirt clot, and head inside.

My rusty lawn chair will be there tomorrow, and the next day… but today, the kids need to be fed, taught, and cared for…and right now, I have an invitation to live an abundant life…to catch onto the infectious act this half-stemmed daisy started… and give.

What peaceful perches have you given up recently?


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  1. I absolutely enjoy reading but this has been hard since becoming a mother but I have to remind myself that my little ones are growing. This season is for me to fully be present. ❤

    1. Thanks sis! You’re right it is hard. But as all of us parents are learning, its in the emptying of ourselves that we become filled. (Yet another relationship that God uses to refine us.)

  2. Hi Jessica I know exactly how you feel when you sit down to get a little me time something always comes up! That was so cute of Jovie to pick some daisies ?for you. I think it is God at work telling us we need to appreciate these times with our kids. I’ve been warned they will be over before we know it. I guess even being tired some days, I still have to keep going. I’m spending more time in the yard with the kids rather than my seat on the deck. Thank you for another great post hugs Terri ❤

    1. I know what you mean, I feel like its a balance I’m always struggling with in this season of small kids. Having rest or being present. I love that you are making those small little choices to get out in the yard with your kids. <3

  3. “But it might mean that I joyfully give up some of my peaceful perches so that I might give to the little hearts in our home.” This sums it up and only parents will ever know what it truly means!

  4. My mom wrote this in her journal about me and my older sister. I was 18 months old, which means she must’ve been 6:

    “Today she picked me a bouquet of flowers. There was a picture which I wish to commit to memory for all my days – a chubby fisted one year old extending her arms with two yellow flowers in her hand – her eyes sparkling, her cheeks rosy with joy – all the love in that expression that could possibly be. She later put the flowers in a vase for me – the flowers in the water, the stems protuding above the top of the glass.” She used to say that being a mother doesn’t pay much in the world’s terms; but what better payment can there be than sloppy kisses and broken daffodils offered with love.

  5. Kids can definitely leave us with full hands, but they also leave us with full hearts. Toddlers are constant everything – movement, noise, etc. But they give us everything they’ve got every day of the week. I realize now that sometimes my play time with my children are the most peaceful moments of my day, even when I would rather be resting. Their innocence is contagious.

  6. “As much as I crave rest from the constant demands of motherhood, this season with my little ones is a gift, not just for me, but from me to them.” I love this sentence!! You’re right that we really must make the most of this gift of being with them!
    I’m constantly getting up from my seat at meals to get something for them or blow on hot food or cut something up. And I hate eating cold food! I guess I’m used to it by now, but it’s still annoying to me – just a bit. But I’d rather them be full and happy than feed myself hot food!

  7. Happy spurts of restful sitting. My son’s teacher would always say little kids little problems…I don’t know if I will be sitting for a long time now.

  8. Living what we believe does take a toll on our bodies more than just saying what we believe, but you are right — it is what matters most. Our kids will remember how they were loved and taken care of and hopefully pass it on. Thanks for sharing this, Jessica.

  9. “It starts with daisies then turns into dishes.” << I have dishes waiting for me right this minute! Loved your reflections and would also love to know if you would ever be interested in contributing over at Kindred Mom. We feature a new group of writers every month on the topics listed on the "Write for Us" page. The invitation is open! I am also personally looking to create guest content if you are open to that anytime in the future. Nice to connect.

    1. Emily, thank you for your kind words! I’m very familiar with Kindred Mom, I love the content I have read over there! (I will check out the “write for us page” and consider submitting something! Nice to have met you! Hopefully we can connect again soon. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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