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How to Make Christmas Wood Slice Ornaments

Making ornaments can be a fun, family tradition. Not only do they add charm to your tree, but they also make great handmade gifts. Today, I’m going to show you how to make these cute, Christmas, wood-slice ornaments.

wood slice ornament project

Each year we try to make a new ornament for our tree. It is a fun project to do with the kids and it serves as a nice momory for the year. (Check out our Finger Print Ornaments from last year.)

While these were a little more work upfront, our family agrees that they turned out pretty cute. 

Before we get into the how-to’s, let me say, this project is a little more advanced in that it requires quite a few materials, as well as, the use of a cutting machine (cricut or silhouette).

If you don’t own a Cricut Machine you could purchase ready-made decals, or paint your own design.

Materials Needed for Wood Slice Ornaments

If you are a crafter at heart, you probably have most of these materials in your arsenal of crafting supplies. If not, you can more than likely pick these up at your local hobby store or on Amazon.

Materials Needed: (Amazon Affiliate Links Included in this list)



How to make Wood Slice Ornaments

1. Paint your wood rounds and beads using the black and white acrylic paint. 

2. To prep your decals: First, download the digital ornament svgs. Second, in design space, size them to fit the rounds. Thirdly, cut the decals using the Cricut. Fourth, weed the excess vinyl from each design. Lastly, using transfer tape, transfer your design to the wood slice.

3.  Seal your decal by putting a layer of Mod Podge or Polycrylic over the decal, then let it dry.

4. To string the jute, fold the string in half and put the loop through the back hole. Then take the other two pieces and put them through the front loop and pull tight. 

5. String the beads with both of the jute ends, then tie a knot right above them to keep them secure. Lastly, tie off the ends to create a loop to hang the ornament from.

6. Take your ribbon and tie a cute, little bow under the beads.



How Kids can Help Make the Wood Slice Ornaments

My kids love crafting me with. I’m always looking for little jobs they can do so they feel a part of the process. Depending on the age and skill of your kids here are a few jobs they can do:

  • Paint the rounds and beads (since acrylic paint can stain and is toxic if consumed–leave this for the big kids)
  • Weed the decals (removing the excess vinyl)
  • Placing the decal on the wood slice
  • Stringing the ornament and beads
  • Tying the ribbon


What are your favorite homemade ornaments?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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  1. i have fallen in love with so many of your ideas and crafts. I am so not great on the computer so i’m having a bit of a problem trying to print out the holiday images for the chalkboard tree ornaments. Either it comes out super small or too big? I don’t know how to edit the size?…Please help me as i’m trying to make these today. Thank you

    1. Great question. If they look secure to you, you can skip this step. But for me, between having kids and storing them for years to come, I decided I wanted an extra layer of protection. 🙂

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