Easy DIY Fall Garland

A few weeks ago I saw an adorable, gingham garland at Hobby Lobby. Instead of buying it, I decided to try my own knock-off version.

Since I already had a few of these materials on hand, I was good to go. Not to mention,  I was able to make this project for a fraction of the cost.

Short diy’s are my favorite and this one only took about fifteen minutes.

Another great thing about this project is that my kiddos could do it along with me. In fact, they did most of the work.



Fall Garland

There are so many variations you could do to this garland. We simply alternated gingham and burlap ribbon, but you could use whatever fall ribbons and patterns you like. (Another economical option would be to cut strips of gingham fabric to tie along the jute.)

Materials Needed:


  1. Cut the jute to your desired length. (However long you want your garland.)
  2. Cut your gingham and burlap into strips.
  3. Using a single knot, tie the strips along the jute.(Alternating the gingham and burlap.)


Note:If you want a cleaner look, make sure your ribbon (especially the burlap) is sealed along the edges so it doesn’t fray.




Places to Hang a Garland

There are so many different ways you can use a garland to spice up your home for the season. Here are a few ideas of places you could display your diy garland.

  • Fireplace mantle
  • Stair rails
  • Around spindle rails
  • Over door entrances
  • Over windows
  • Window ledges
  • On a piano
  • Over kitchen cabinets
  • As a table centerpieces
  • Around frames or mirrors
  • Porch decor
  • Bed headboard


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Also, check out this Fall Busy Book for your littles!


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  1. What a fabulous job you did along with t he kids in creating this Garland Jessica! I am sure it was a fraction of the cost and looks so pretty completed . I hope school is going well for you and the kids. Best wishes, Terri xo.

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