Easy Handprint Heart Tree Craft for Kids

Today I’m sharing how we made this cute handprint heart tree craft with our kids. This is the perfect afternoon craft: little to no prep and super fun for the kids! 

I am a sucker for handprint/fingerprint crafts. When I saw this handprint butterfly tree floating around the internet I had to come up with a variation for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun and there are quite a few variations on this craft already, but here is our take on a handprint heart tree.  (Make sure you stick around to the end to see how the kid’s turned out!)


handprint heart tree craft completed



Materials Needed for Handprint Heart Tree Craft

Materials: (Amazon Affiliate Links in the post)

*You can also use construction paper if you don’t have any card stock. 




How to Make the Handprint Heart Tree Craft

These steps include some Amazon Affiliate Links.

1. Choose your paper colors and gather your materials.

2. Cut out a crazy amount of hearts from the red, pink, and purple paper. (I used my Cricut Maker to speed up the process.)

3. Trace your handprint onto the brown paper then cut it out.

handprint heart tree craft materials

4. Glue your handprint (tree) onto the center of the white piece of card stock.

5. For the grass, cut a strip of the green paper and cut frays along one side (I curled every other one out for a 3-D effect.)

handprint heart tree craft grass

6. Glue the green strip (grass) along the bottom of your picture.

7. For the 3-D effect, fold your pre-cut hearts in half.

8. Glue one side of the each of the hearts down to the paper, creating a tree shape around the handprint.  

glueing hearts on the handprint heart tree

9. Hang on the refrigerator and let everyone enjoy!






Kid Results of the Handprint Heart Tree Craft

Since we did this as a fun Valentine’s Day Craft I gave the basic instructions and let my kids take over from there. I love how each one turned out so different. 

(Note: be sure to tag me on Instagram with your kids finished products! I would love to see them!)

three completed handprint heart tree craft




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What crafts have you made recently with your kids?




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easy handprint heart tree craft pin

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