Indoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids

We are on our last rainy stretch before our summer sun comes to stay.  The kids have been a little restless indoors, so I came up with this set of Indoor Scavenger Hunts.

Not just for fun (I hope), but a series of cognitive exercises that will really get them thinking…


Indoor Scavenger Hunts


There are 15 different scavenger hunts that require the use of various cognitive skills, from identifying colors to differentiating between letter sounds.

One of my kids favorites was the Taste Hunt. They had a blast trying the different foods and finding words to describe what was going on in their mouth. ?


Topics Included:

  • colors
  • shapes
  • letters
  • numbers
  • textures
  • tastes
  • smells
  • sound
  • money
  • weather
  • times of day
  • materials
  • hygiene




You can print these out for a one time use OR you can laminate them for reuse. I chose to laminate. That way, I can file them away for another rainy day or when we might need to brush up on one of these topics.


Materials Needed:



  1. Print out Indoor Scavenger Hunts
  2. Laminate
  3. Create a fun learning experience by giving your student a Scavenger Hunt page, briefly discuss the instructions, and send them to find the varies items from around the house or classroom. (You might need to guide and instruct the first few times, depending on how familiar they are with the items.)




Getting Outdoors…

Make sure you check out our Garden Journal that we just started and let me know what other types of outdoor activities you are planning on doing with your kids!


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If you want to get your own Indoor Scavenger Hunts you can get the DOWNLOAD HERE.

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