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Gardening with Kids

We just finished putting our garden boxes together. I always revert to raised beds because arguably, they are more space efficient, tidy, and have better drainage (but I’m no expert).

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Since science at the preschool age is fundamentally based off the study and interaction with nature, I thought we would try to make it more of a family experience this year, and make a concerted effort to include the kids.

Of course, they were covered in dirt from head to toe, and it took me two days to scrub the dirt out of their hair, but the kids helped fill the boxes with soil, measure each square foot, plant the seeds, and water their work.



 “Every child has a natural interest in the living things about him, which it is the business of his parents to encourage” – Charlotte Mason

I wasn’t really sure how much ongoing interest they would have in the garden, but all of the kids (even our one-year-old) seem to be very interested.

Every day they bend over the beds and squint their eyes to watch the seedlings reach for sunlight. (I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a life-time love for gardening.)



“Let them get in touch with nature, and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight through life.”   – Charlotte Mason

Since we’ve decided to make this our little science project for the summer, I thought I would have the kids journal their experience. (Typical Homeschool-Mom response, right.?)

I’m hoping it will open their eyes a little more to details and sharpen their observations.

Some of the things their journal includes:

  • Planning a garden
  • Weather charting
  • Reading seed packets
  • Observing seed sizes and shapes
  • Cultivating healthy soil
  • Growth changes in plants
  • Pest control, weeds, and watering
  • Experiencing the five senses while gardening
  • Produce
  • Preservation
  • Sharing



“An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing.” – Charlotte Mason



 Make Your Own Garden Journal


If you’d like to make one of these for your kiddos, I’ve made this printable available to you.  The content is fairly general and would work great for Pre-K through about Fourth grade.

Each page has either a writing or drawing prompt (sometimes both). There are also little “notes” throughout the journal with tidbits of helpful information about gardening.


Materials Needed:

Assembly and Use

  1. Print the Garden Journal printable
  2. Place in a binder/or folder
  3. Write, draw, and record the gardening experience.



“Never be within doors when you can rightfully be without.” – Charlotte Mason


If you want to make one of these, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE!



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  1. That is so wonderful Jessica! It is nice to start them early with gardening and planting. Our 8 yr old is going to plant some vegetables with his Grandpa this weekend. Thank you for the info, hugs, Terri xo.

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