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Adverbs That Start with E

Today I’m giving you a huge list of adverbs that start with E. This kind of list is terrific to have on hand if you are a teacher, homeschool mom, writer, or student and can be handy for multiple situations.

So, whether you are looking for adverbs for a story you are writing OR for a fourth grade grammar lesson that you are teaching, I think you will find this list of adverbs that start with E quite helpful.

From descriptive words like ecstatically and effortlessly to adverbs like east and elsewhere, there are a lot of fantastic adverbs that start with E to choose from.

With that being said, let’s jump right into our list of adverbs that start with E!

List of Adverbs that Start with E

Adverbs that start with E:

  • each
  • eachwhere
  • eagerly
  • early
  • earnesly
  • earsplittingly
  • earthly
  • earthward
  • earthwards
  • easily
  • east
  • easterly
  • eastward
  • eastwardly
  • eastwards
  • easy
  • eccentrically
  • ecclesiastically
  • eclectically
  • economically
  • ecstatically
  • edgeways
  • edgewise
  • edgingly
  • educationally
  • editorially
  • eerily
  • effectively
  • effectually
  • effectuously
  • effeminately
  • effervescently
  • efficaciously
  • efficiently
  • effortlessly
  • eft
  • egotistically
  • egregiously
  • eighthly
  • either
  • elastically
  • elatedly
  • electively
  • electrically
  • elegantly
  • elementally
  • elfishly
  • eligibly
  • elliptically
  • eloquently
  • else
  • elsewhere
  • elsewise
  • eluctantly
  • elusively
  • elvishly
  • emaciatedly
  • embarrassedly
  • embitteredly
  • eminently
  • emotionally
  • emotionlessly
  • empathetically
  • emphatically
  • emptily
  • empty-handedly
  • enchatedly
  • enchantingly
  • encroachingly
  • encouragingly
  • endearedly
  • endearingly
  • endlessly
  • endurably
  • enduringly
  • endways
  • endwise
  • energetically
  • engagedly
  • engagingly
  • engrossedly
  • enjoyably
  • enlightenedly
  • enormously
  • enough
  • enquiringly
  • enterprisingly
  • entertainedly
  • entertainingly
  • enthrallingly
  • enthusiastically
  • enticingly
  • entirely
  • enviously
  • epicurely
  • epidemically
  • episcopally
  • equally
  • equitably
  • equivalently
  • equivocally
  • erectly
  • erotically
  • erratically
  • erroneously
  • esoterically
  • especially
  • estimably
  • eternally
  • ethically
  • ethnically
  • euphorically
  • evaluatingly
  • evasively
  • even
  • evenly
  • eventurally
  • ever
  • evermore
  • everywhere
  • evidentally
  • exaggeratedly
  • exasperatingly
  • exellently
  • excitedly
  • expansively
  • expectantly
  • expertly
  • expressly
  • expressively
  • extensively

Simple Adverb Sentence Examples

Are you wanting to see some of these adverbs in action? If, so I’ve got some great examples for you to look through.

Keep in mind the job of adverbs. Adverbs are used to describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Furthermore, an adverb will answer one of the following questions: how? where? when? how much? or how often? And it will often end in ‘-ly’.

Now for some examples.

Note: Most of the sentences use adverbs that start with E, but for the sake of finding good examples, there are adverbs that start with other letters as well.

Where adverb sentence examples:

  • Sam looked everywhere for his missing keys.
  • We drove eastward.
  • The bird flew east.
  • The meteor plummeted earthward.

When sentence examples for adverbs:

  • She arrived early for her first day of school.
  • We will visit later.
  • Tomorrow we will drive home.
  • Yesterday we went to the mall.

How adverb sentence examples:

  • Jenn dressed elegantly for the ball.
  • He enticingly offered me a piece of cake.
  • Tom earnestly gave his word.
  • Rachel excitedly opened her gifts.

How Much adverb sentence examples:

  • She works extremely hard.
  • House prices vary enormously between counties.
  • I entirely agree with you.
  • He knew enough to be dangerous.

adverb sentence examples: How Often

  • We will live eternally in disbelief.
  • We almost missed the game.
  • I seldom cry.
  • We rarely travel.

How to Teach Adverbs to Kids

When teaching adverbs to early elementary or beginners, the most basic way to explain it is that an adverb tells us more about the verb.

Adverbs will answer the questions: where? when? how? how often? and how much? And will commonly end with ‘-ly’. (easily, elegantly, enormously, eagerly, effectively, etc).

Then, as your students get familiar with the basic use of adverbs, it’s time to elaborate on what an adverb can do. At this point, you can teach them that adverbs modify not only verbs, but they can also modify another adverbs and adjectives as well. See the different adverb examples below:

Adverb sentence examples for kids:

  • Adverb describing a verb: She dressed elegantly.
  • Adverb describing another adverb: She dressed very elegantly..
  • Adverb describing a adjective: she wore a very elegant dress..

Adverb Activities for Kids

Now onto some creative and fun adverb activities you can do with your kids!

  • Pick an Adverb game: Give your student a sentence and ask them to pick and adverb to complete the sentence. Then, get creative and see if you can come up with multiple adverbs that would work in that same sentence.

  • Do an Adverb Word Search: Get the free adverb word search and complete it with your kids!
  • Read picture books about adverbs: One of the best ways to learn grammar is to read books together! Seeing adverbs and other parts of speech in written text is highly effective.  You can also look up some picture books about adverbs and read those together as well.

  • Do an Adverb Brainstorm: Give your kids a starting verb and see how many adverbs they can come up with for that verb. For example, some adverbs that might describe the word “whispered” include: eagerly, earnestly, excitedly, or ear-splittingly.

Free printable Adverb Learning Pack 

Here is a free printable adverb learning pack that includes adverb worksheets, adverb sentence cards, brainstorming charts, pick and adverb cards, adverb word search and more! For access to this free resource sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Q & A For Adverbs That Start With E

1. What are some positive adverbs that start with E?

Eagerly, ecstatically, elegantly, enchantedly, enchantingly, elatedly, endearingly, enjoyably, and excellently.

2. What are some good ‘ly’ E adverbs for third grade?

Endlessly, evenly, eventually, enjoyably, excitedly, easily, elegantly, and especially.

3. What are some adverbs that start with ‘Ef’?

Effectively, effectually, effervescently, efficaciously, efficiently, and effortlessly.

4. What are some common adverbs beginning with E?

Easily, evenly, enjoyable, effectively, emptily, endearingly, enjoyably, especially, evenly, everywhere, expectantly, east, each, equally. enticingly, and entirely.

Additional Writing Resources for Kids

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What would you add to this ‘Adverbs That Start With E’ list?

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