Simple Ways to Foster Faith in Your Family

I have a million things I want to teach my kids. Good manners…how to aim in the toilet… reading, writing, arithmetic, music…you get the point. I get excited at all the potential, however, it is often accompanied with a sense of overwhelming responsibility and a mind-block on where to start.


I was talking with my sister- in-law last week, and she shared that she starts their homeschool day with the things that are most important. The things that she would want her kids to know if today was her last opportunity to teach them.

I thought this was a great way to prioritize some of the things I need to be teaching our kids. What is most important?

It didnโ€™t take long for me to pinpoint my top priority. I want my kids to know God…

To feel anchored in this life…to have a place to go for answers and a safe place to share their hurts. A place of joy and peace. A place of purpose.

I thought it would be a good challenge to come up with some practical ways I could incorporate faith into our day to day. Perhaps your family could benefit as well. 


   Simple Ways to Foster Faith in Your Family

1.Memorize scripture: Pick a verse for the week, and tackle it every morning after breakfast. (Here’s a great list to get you started.)


2. Decorate with God’s Word: Put God’s word at eye level by hanging scriptures around your house. If you donโ€™t want to spend the money at Hobby Lobby, find some free printables, or write them out yourself.


3. Attend church: Make church a priority for the whole family.


4. Read scripture out loud: While they color a picture or eat their lunch, take advantage of their stuffed mouths and fill their minds with God’s word


5. Pray together: Before everyone heads out the door in the morning, say a blessing over the day, or perhaps you can take the last few moments of your day to pray together before bedtime.


6. Listen to Christian music: Find music that has a strong faith message and a style you enjoy and go to town. (There is also a plethora of children’s Christian music, designed to teach the Bible and memorize scripture.)


7. Make your faith visible: Be a fellow-learner. Let you kids see you reading the Bible. Let them hear your prayers for patience and sanity. 


8. Provide wholesome entertainment: Find shows, books, and movies that emphasize the Bible and the development of Godly character.


9. Give them opportunity to apply their faith: let them give, and serve at home, church, and in your community.


10. Family devotions: Choose a devotional to work through as a family. Do it once a day or once a week, whatever works best for your family. Here are a list of our favorites.


11. Create conversation starters: Jot down a list of questions or ideas to present to your kids while you go about your day. (you can put in on our fridge or on the dashboard of your van)


The goal is to not stress about getting it all perfect but to start something small and add a little more everyday.



More Resources to Foster Faith in Your Kids



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How do you foster faith in your family?

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  1. Those are all great ideas. Every single one of them. Your list is complete and offers variety and different ideas. Amazing post!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is very beautiful Jessica. Your sister in-law is absolutely right. With homeschooling our munchkins, I find it important to start with a devotional and prayer. In the end our souls matter beyond the numbers and words we teach them. Thank you again for sharing โค

    1. Thanks Susan! Your kiddos are older than ours and we are just starting this educating at home phase and this is so good to keep this in mind as we make choices about what to teach our children. Thank you for the encouragement! <3

  3. these are useful. simple but useful.
    we have a 13 year old who is challenging his faith or questioning it. a couple of weeks ago we sat down for the first time in our 2 years of marriage and read a bible story as a family. he got mad. he got so mad and said we do it too often. On Christmas morning, my husband reads from scripture and shares it with the kids. Once per year. We take them to church with us each weekend they are at our house, so once every other weekend. We pray at dinner. We don’t really have Godly discussions unless it’s to remind someone of how their actions don’t line up with the way God wants them to act- we are struggling to find the best way to study.
    our 13 year old told us we study too much and we do too much bible reading. and my mind was blown! it was the first time in our entire marriage that we had chosen a story together and had everyone get their bibles out to participate. and it was JONAH. like…one of the shortest books!
    teens, man. teens are so hard.

    1. I don’t envy the teen challenges! Mine are still little, but I know our days are coming. Sounds like you guys are laying a good foundation, every little Bible story, church experience, prayer adds to it. Thanks for sharing this, it encourages me to stick with it, as well! <3

      1. we need to do more, it doesnt feel like its anything. though- the kids pray for dinner most of the time and they are getting GOOD and its so cool to see

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