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50+ Fun Family Outdoor Activities

It’s the perfect time of year to start enjoying some family outdoor activities together! With that being said, today I’m going to share a few ideas to get you in the fresh air while spending quality time with the ones you love.

Whether you are a super active family, productive minded, the leisure type, or a creative crew, there is something for everyone when it comes to the outdoors.

From nature walks and garden planting, to hikes and bike riding, there are so many fun things that you can do as a family outside.

So let’s jump right in to our list! Here are 50+ outdoor family activities:

50 Family Outdoor Activities

There are tons of awesome, fun-filled, family outdoor activities. From things like taking a walk or riding bikes, to things like painting rocks or working in the garden, here are lots terrific ideas to help you get your family outside together.

Creative Family Outdoor Activities

1. Build a fort

The first creative family outdoor activity is to build a fort together! Use whatever you have on hand: Sticks, logs, rocks, lawn furniture, or even cardboard boxes. And spend the afternoon making it into a cool place to play.


2. Play hopscotch

Do you live near a hopscotch grid? If not, you can draw your own with sidewalk chalk. Before you begin, review how to play hopscotch and then, get started playing!

3. Make bird feeders

Make bird feeders together! (Our family enjoyed making these DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments.) Once they are made, hang them around your yard, where you can watch the birds enjoy their snack.


4. Pick and then press flowers in a book

Go on a nature walk or pick some blooms from around your yard, Then, check out this Quick Guide on How to Press Flowers in a Book!


5. Take pictures

Do you enjoy photography as a family? If so, you can go on a hike or to a National park and take turns capturing the beauty through the lens of a camera!


6. Find shapes in the clouds

Have fun sitting outside and finding shapes or pictures in the clouds! This outdoor family activity is fun for all ages and has been enjoyed since the beginning of time.


7. Make mud pies

Do you have kids who are drawn to water and dirt? If so, set up an outdoor kitchen and let them make some mud pies.


8. Make a nature collage

No matter what season you are in, you can go on a nature-collecting walk as a family and then bring home your findings and make a collage together. (Check out our Heart of Nature Collage Activity.)


9. Build a birdhouse

Build a birdhouse together! To begin, find some simple bird house plans. Then, get some scrap wood and tools you have around the house, and get started!


10. Paint a mural

You can paint a mural on a fence, wall, board, or large butcher paper. Everyone works together and creates a work of art to enjoy for years to come.


Adventurous Family Outdoor Activities

11. Go hiking

Make a list of nature trails, national parks, or outdoor sites that you can hike with your family and start going through your list together. Pack water and a lunch and enjoy the day hiking through nature together.

12. Fly kites

Get some kites and enjoy the challenge of getting them up into the air and then the pleasure of watching them soar in the wind!


13. Have a water balloon or water gun fight

If it’s a hot day, surprise the kids with a family water balloon or water gun fight!


14. Camp in the backyard

For the next outdoor family activity idea, you could plan a camping trip or simply set up a tent with some sleeping bags in the backyard.


15. Ride bikes

Bike riding is another terrific family outdoor activity! And if you have little ones, find a way to attach an extra seat or bike trailer to your bike so they can ride along with the family.


16. Play outdoor mini golf

Do you have an outdoor mini golf place in your town? If so, take the whole family and enjoy an evening learning the basics of golf.


17. Play a game of kickball

Invite the neighbors and get a game of kickball started. This game is great because it can involve people of all ages and abilities.


18. Go on a field trip

Go on a field trip together as a family! (Check out these 200+ Homeschool Field Trip Ideas to get started.)


19. Go to a neighborhood playground

Outdoor activities don’t have to cost anything. Pack a snack, load the stroller, and go to a neighborhood playground where your kids can run off some energy going down the slides, swinging, and climbing the monkey bars.


20. Visit a farm

Visit a local farm where you can see animals, flowers, and crops. A lot of times, family farms host festivals, or open their property for you to come and tour. (It makes for a splendid outdoor family activity.)

Productive Family Outdoor Activities

21. Weed the flower beds

Take some time and weed your flower beds as a family. You could also plant new flowers, or put some fresh mulch down for a fresh new look.


22. Wash the car

Bring out the hose, sponges, rags, and soap bucket and wash the family cars. Plan on getting wet and having a great time.


23. Water plants

As simple as it is, watering plants is another great family outdoor activity. Even the little ones can hold a hose or a watering can and help give your plants a drink.


24. Build a raised garden bed

Build a raised garden bed together, fill, it with dirt, then plant herbs, flowers, or vegetable for everyone to enjoy!


25. Plant a garden

Map out a garden plan, get the seeds, prepare the ground, then do the planting all together as a family.


26. Clean and sweep off the porch

Do you have a porch or a deck that needs some extra attention and cleaning. If so, you can get your family out there sweeping, decluttering, scrubbing, or even pressure washing your favorite outdoor living spaces.


27. Have a yard sale

Do you have items that you would like to sell? If so, get the family together to host a yard sale.


28. Set up a lemonade stand

Along with a yard sale, or simply on its own, set up a lemonade stand and have the kids learn about business, marketing, and strategy (all while being outside as a family).

29. Set up a compost pile

Are you a gardening family? If so, take a weekend, get outside and learn how to set up a compost pile. (This can be very helpful for recycling garden waste and lawn clippings.


30. Go berry picking

See what berries or fruit are in season, and find a U-pick patch or orchard that you can take your family to. (This is one of our favorite outdoor family activities.)

Fun Outdoor Family Activities

31. Go to a county or state fair

If your fair is in town, make sure you get tickets and take your family for a full day of outdoor fun.


32. Plan an outdoor movie night

Plan an outdoor movie night. You can get creative and project your movie on a fence or wall and make it a big-screen event. Pop popcorn, grab your lawn chairs, and have a great time!


33. Go to the beach

Do you live close to a beach? If so, spend the afternoon collecting shells, taking walks, building sand castles, and exploring.


34. Go fishing

Pack a lunch, grab your fishing poles, and go to your favorite fishing spot for a day of family fun. And if you catch a fish, bring it home and grill it for dinner.


35. Play a board game outside

Wanting to stay close to home? Bring your favorite board game outside and play it together as a family.

36. Play follow the leader

Do you need to get your little ones outside for a quick breath of fresh air. If so, play a quick game of outdoor follow the leader around your yard or your block.


37. Make an obstacle course

Get creative and make an obstacle course for your kids to go through. Use what you have around the house (pool noodles, old tires, hula-hoops, jump ropes, etc) and make it a memorable day that your kids won’t soon forget.

38. Go stargazing

Another fantastic outdoor family activity is stargazing. Lay under the stars and enjoy an evening of conversation and constellations.


39. Play hide and seek

Have fun with your family with a classic game of hide and seek.


40. Visit a farm

Make a reading list that your kids will be excited to go through.


Food-related Outdoor Family Activities

41. Have a picnic

Picnics are a fabulous family outdoor activity! You can pack a lunch and go to your favorite neighborhood park OR you can hike to a lookout point and have a picnic there.


42. Make s’mores

Got a roaring bonfire? Make s’mores!


43. Eat popsicles on a hot day

Get away from the screens and busyness and get the whole family to enjoy popsicles or ice cream bars together outside!


44. Grill out

Grill your next meal outside and enjoy your dinner in the fresh air. Hamburgers, hotdogs, kabobs, and steaks are great family grill-out ideas.


45. Host a backyard party

Get your family together and host a backyard party. Enjoy barbecue, games, and fun with your extended family or friends.

Educational Outdoor Family Activities

46. Explore historical sites near you

Find the historical sites in your area and visit them as a family. These places can include trails, old buildings, historical gardens, and old battlefields.


47. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Put together a nature a scavenger hunt and have your kids see if they can complete the challenge by finding each of the items on the list.


48. Start a rock collection

Make geology fun and spend time with your family by starting a rock collection together.


49. Search for bugs

Discover what bugs you have in your yard. Give everyone in your family an hand trowel, spade, or shovel and see what kinds of bugs you can find.

50. Do your homework or studies outside

Do you homeschool or have homework? Pull your schooling outside for the day!

Misc Outdoor Family Games

51. Have an outdoor family game of Frisbee

Frisbee is another terrific outdoor family game.

52. Play with Hula hoops

Do you have some hula hoops laying around? Give one to everyone in the family and see who has the best hula hoop skills.

53. Blow bubbles

A splendid outdoor activity, especially for little kids, is bubble blowing. You can make your own at home with water and dish soap or you can use store bought ones. Either way, bubbles are fun for all ages.

54. Jump on a trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline and a family favorite! Take turns or jump altogether, show off your tricks, or see who can jump the highest.

55. Play Four Square

Learn how to play four square, get your favorite bouncy ball, and get started!

Outdoor Family Activities Q & A

1. What can you do in 30 minutes outside with your family?

Here are a few things you can do in 30 minutes outside: walk, bike ride, collect rocks, pick flowers, blow bubbles, jump on a trampoline, have a race, build a fort, eat a popsicle, or jump in a puddle.

2. What are some family outdoor fitness activities?

Some family outdoor fitness activities include: walking, jogging, riding bikes, roller blading, skiing, and hiking.

3. What are some family outdoor activities that you can do with small children?

Here are a few family outdoor activities you can do with small children: blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk, go to a playground, find bugs, build a fort, run through a sprinkler, or go berry picking.

What are your favorite family outdoor activities?


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