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Super Fun Low-Prep October Preschool Activities

Pumpkins, spiders, leaves, and tractors…Today I’m sharing ten of our favorite, hands-on, October Preschool activities for kids. Let’s go!

October Fine Motor Activities

Checking off more of our Things Your Preschooler Can Learn at Home List, I put together this October Preschool Activities binder. Every activity is, of course, October-themed but is also educational, hands-on, fun, and low-prep.

As a highlight real, this activity pack teaches letter and number recognition, counting 1-20, ten frame, domino numbers, shapes/shape words, colors/color words, alphabet sounds, beginning sounds, rhyming, patterns, prewriting, and more.

Let’s take a look at each one.

1. Alphabet Pumpkins

This Alphabet Pumpkins game is designed to get preschoolers recognizing their letters. Using cubes, blocks, cereal, beads, or even pumpkin candy and have them cover up the the correct letters. (There is one page for each letter of the alphabet.

2. Leaf Pile

Bring the leaf piles inside with this fun preschool counting game. Give your kids some real or faux leaves and have them count out the correct amount for each pile. (This pack includes numbers 1-20)

3. Scarecrow Number

Help the scarecrow learn his numbers by filling the ten frame, finding the right domino, and tracing the number word. (We used blocks and dominos with this page, but this could also laminated and used as a Play Dough mat.)

4. Count the Cotton

Adding to the fun fall math activities for preschoolers, give your kids this ‘count the cotton’ page and a handful of cotton balls, and let them get busy.

5. Tractor Shapes

Adding to the October fine motor activities, have your kids grab their favorite car or tractor toy tracing the tracks. (10 different 2-D Shapes included in these pre k pages)

6. Spider Colors

This spider colors game is a favorite with my kids. Why? because pom-poms never get old. There are ten different color sheets and they practice putting the right colored “spiders” on the web. This is not only good fine-motor practice but also great practice for building visual and color discrimination.

7. Alphabet Sounds Pumpkin Stacks

October lessons plans would not be complete without some practice in alphabet sounds. In this Pumpkin Stacks game, give the kids some blocks, pom-poms, or cereal and have them cover the pictures that begin the with letter given.

8. Nuts for Squirrel Prewriting

Slip the Nuts for Squirrel prewriting pages in page protectors and they are ready for use. With a dry erase marker have them practice their hand dexterity while tracing each line. Wipe off and reuse!

9. Color Rhyming

Rhyming, repetition, and colors…this activities get kids reading. (As an additional fine motor and spacial awareness element, I had them fill the shapes on each page with the correct color. )

10. Pumpkin Patterns

Using colored math link cubes, small blocks, or pom-poms have the kids recreate or finish the patterns given. This preschool pattern activity is great for teaching problem solving, spacial awareness, patterns, as well as, fine-motor skills.

Household Items for Preschool Fine Motor Games

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

It’s easy to do these functional fine motor activities using household items. I’ve told you what I used, but feel free to get creative. Here is a list of household items you could use for fine motor practice.

Low-Prep October Preschool Activities DOWNLOAD

This is a LOW-Prep preschool activity pack! No laminating or endless hours of cutting. Simply print, slip into page protectors, and get started.

These are great pre k activities for homeschool or classroom use. You can download the October Preschool Activity Binder and get started today!

More Preschool Resources

Get an activity binder for November too!

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November Preschool Activity Binder

What are your favorite Fine-Motor Activities for Kids?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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