30 Day Declutter Challenge

Today I’m sharing a declutter challenge. I used to think I needed to be more organized, but I’m beginning to realize that I just need less stuff. I opened my junk drawer to rearrange the same disheveled junk.

What do I need with thirty pens, ten magnets, and four pairs of scissors? In this drawer alone, we have a 6/1 pen-to-person ratio, and one of our family members cannot even hold a pen. Not to mention the other two are banned from ink…that leaves Mr. Coppertop and I with fifteen pens apiece for any given moment.

Insert goal: get rid of ridiculous amount of pens.


30 Day Declutter Challenge

Thinking through all the other areas in my house that need work, I thought I would pose a little declutter challenge for myself. And share it with my readers if you wanted to join me.

Instead of taking on big jobs like declutter the entire garage in one afternoon, I’m going to do a small thing every day. This is a little more practical because I’ll probably have a baby on my hip and a short window of time to get it done.

Make sure you check out the Five Declutter Questions before you get started!


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      1. I tend to hold onto books. Mostly kids books that I get emotionally attached to over the years as I read them to my munchkins. Need to go through those and give away some ?

  1. Terrific! I’m in.

    Last month I created a 35 piece capsule wardrobe, including shoes and purse. My other clothes are all in storage; I’ve told myself I’ll live with my capsule wardrobe until Easter and then decide if I am going to get rid of the rest of it. But so far I love it. Everything goes with everything else, I like everything, and it’s soooooo easy to get dressed in the mornings!

    1. Becca you are about ten steps ahead of me! I just heard of a capsule wardrobe just recently. I’m so curious how it all works. Keep me updated on how you are liking it…I’m thinking I might need to try it!

      1. Everyone has their own idea of a capsule wardobe. Some are seasonal, some aren’t. Mine has a trench coat, a blazer, a cardigan, a gorgeous wool jacket I bought when I was 17 in a little market in France and still love to pieces, a dress, 4 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, 2 pairs of shorts, a sweater, 3 long sleeve tops, 11 short sleeve tops, 5 pairs of shoes (highly impractical but beautiful leopard print stilettos, one pair of wedges, one pair of sandals, one pair sneakers, and a pair of ballet flats) and a purse. When I was putting it together I stuck with pieces I love, and was surprised to find that nearly everything I love falls into one of four colours (black, red, turquoise, or raspberry). Ideally I’d like to get down to about 25 pieces (11 short sleeve tops is still a lot!) but rather than purge now, I thought I’d like natural selection do its work. Clothes will wear out (there are three things that are probably on their last season, one pair of shorts has almost had it and two of my favourite shirts are looking a bit ratty) and I’ve been exercising faithfully for the past couple of weeks, and although the scale hasn’t moved much, my pants are now falling off me; so as I lose weight (ot centimetres) and have to replace things I’ll select nice pieces that can last for a long while. The big benefit is that now I love and feel comfortable in everything in my closet – so getting dressed doesn’t feel like I’m compromising, I always feel confident in what I’m wearing.

        1. Becca, thank you for taking the time to share this! You actually answered a few of my questions without me even having to ask them! (You rock! 😉 )I’m wondering how it would look for me too, because I’m still between wardrobes after having a baby this past summer…

  2. I love this challenge! I’m definitely going to have to print this out and put it somewhere in our home where I won’t miss it everyday. I also LOVE the wardrobe capsule! I did it by season originally but I live in Southern California so it really turned out to be a “Summer/Fall & Winter/Spring” capsule. The hard part was when I got pregnant.. that’s when the capsule got a little funky and now it’s completely lost. 🙁

  3. im totally against getting rid of gift bags and tissue paper! i ONLY keep practical bags that can be reused and ONLY keep tissue paper in good condition.. the things i keep fit into one bag and only take up the space of one gift bag. i cant give those up!

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