Printable weather busy book

Printable Weather Busy Book

Today I’m sharing some fantastic preschool weather activities, as well as, a look into our hands-on, printable weather busy book.

As I’m teaching preschool at home, weather is one of those subjects I want to touch on but in a very natural way. I plan on doing this by, taking walks outdoors, having conversations, charting what we observes, and then lastly, doing some simple preschool weather activities.

With all that being said, one of these extra preschool weather activities is a weather busy book I put together. Let’s take a look.


Weather Busy Book

Let’s talk about this busy book. This is a 16 page, science download that teaches children about weather while building fine-motor and problem solving skills. (It takes a some putting together, but once its assembled, you’re good to go!)

This weather busy book looks at the following:

  • basic weather terms
  • basic weather tools
  • thermometers
  • sunny, rainy, cloudy, partly cloudy, windy, stormy, and snowy days
  • appropriate gear/clothes for various weather scenarios

printable weather busy book weather page


Weather Busy Book Download

If you want to put together this weather busy book for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download through the link directly below.

Weather Busy Book Download on Tpt



How to Assemble the Weather Busy Book:

This project is a little prep work up front, but the result is definitely worth it! After you print the pages you will need to laminate them, and cut them in half.

Then you will need to cut out the pieces on the pages that say ‘cut’. (These will be the moveable pieces that your child will attach to the pages.)

Attach the pieces, using clear velcro. (Don’t skimp on the velcro, or the book won’t withstand multiple uses.)

Lastly, put it together in a half 3-ring binder or have it bound at a local print shop. (Mine cost me about $3 to have bound.)


printable weather busy book prep


  1.  Purchase, download, and print the ‘Printable Weather Busy Book.’
  2.  Laminate the pages
  3. Cut the pieces from the “cut” pages
  4. Velcro the cut pieces to the coordinating page using clear velcro
  5. Insert the pages into a small, half page binder OR have it bound.


Kindergarten and Preschool Weather Activities

Preschool is a great time to introduce weather concepts for kids. You don’t have to go super in depth. However, getting them to make daily observations of the weather, then teaching them how to dress and act appropriately is foundational.

This printable weather busy book would be a great addition to a preschool or kindergarten weather unit. Here are a few ideas and books you could also try…

Preschool Weather activities:


Preschool Weather experiments for kids

Picture Books About Weather

As always, reading a handful of great books on a specific topic will broaden your kids knowledge. Weather is no different. Here is a list of some good options to get your started. (I put a star next a couple of my kid’s favorites)


More Printable Busy Books

What science topic is your preschooler or kindergartener learning about?

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