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November Preschool Activity Binder

Turkeys, pumpkins, acorns, and leaves…November is here! Today, I’m sharing our hands-on, printable November Preschool activity binder for kids. 

This November preschool binder is full of colorful fall activities that build in the areas of letters, numbers, writing, fine-motor skills and more!

You can print off your own copy of this November preschool binder and get started today OR you can simply look through for some November inspiration and ideas.

So whether you are looking for some autumn preschool center ideas, or putting together some fall activities for your preschooler at home, I hope you will leave inspired to make this month a great on for your little ones.

Printable Preschool Activities for November

Our printable November Preschool Activity Binder covers quite a few things off of our list of things your preschooler can learn at home. Things like letter recognition, counting, shapes, patterns, name writing, prewriting, and more.

The best part is, my kids enjoy using it. While it’s reinforcing preschool concepts, they are having fun using sensory items and are able to interact with the pages.

I put all the pages into page protectors and put them into a three-ring binder for easy access. You could also laminate the pages to make them more durable.

Want to see what’s inside of the November preschool activity binder? Let’s check it out!

1. Alphabet Leaves Game

First off, we have this Alphabet Leaves Game that works on letter recognition. Can they find and cover all the ‘a’s on the page?

Using blocks, buttons, or cereal, have your kids cover up all the correct letters. Note: In the November Preschool Activity Binder there is one alphabet leaves game page for each letter of the alphabet. And each one showcases both uppercase and lowercase letters.

2. Counting Leaves with Tally Marks

Next, is this Counting Leaves with Tally Marks activity that works on counting numbers 1-10, number recognition, and tally marks.

To play, count the leaves then use Play Dough, Kinetic Sand, or Mad Matter to shape the numbers and the tally marks.

Note: It’s important to note, that as you teach tally marks you should always instruct your kids to cross over on the fives. That way, you are laying a good foundation, rather than starting a habit you’ll have to correct later.

3. Feather Counting

For this activity you’ll need a dry erase marker and a handful of fluffy, colorful feathers. To play, have your preschooler place the correct amount of feathers on the turkey and then trace the number word.

My kids love handling these feathers! And the best part is they are learning fine motor skills, counting 1-10, Number recognition, and number words while they play with them.

4. Acorn Emotions Activity

This acorn emotions activity in the November Preschool Activity Binder is a favorite around here! Have your kids use Play Dough, Kinetic Sand, or Mad Matter to explore ten different emotions by shaping expressions.

This fall preschool activity helps kids to build their emotional awareness while having fun.

Note: While you do these acorn emotion mats, take some time to talk about our different emotions and explore various ways of dealing with them in a healthy manner.

5. Around the Squirrel Shape Building

This next November activity has us practicing shapes with this cute little squirrel. Using craft sticks, create the given shape around the squirrel, then take a dry erase marker and practice tracing the shape word.

After that, observe the pattern at the bottom of the page that was made using that particular shape.

Note: This November preschool activity works on shape names, shape words, patterns, and fine motor skills.

6. Nutty Name Games

Now it’s time for some Nutty Name Games. (There are five different name games in this November Preschool printable.)

Each one focuses on name writing practice, letter recognition (upper and lowercase), counting, and fine motor skills.

7. Scrabble Alphabet Words

Here are more fun November preschool pages! Grab a handful of scrabble letter tiles and these alphabet word mats (one for each letter of the alphabet), and have your preschooler practice building words. (affiliate link)

This a wonderful activity to talk about alphabet letter sounds, beginning word sounds, and letter recognition.

8. Apples & Pumpkins to Pies Prewriting Activity

For writing practice, here are some simple fall prewriting pages that are easy and fun to do. All you need is a dry erase marker and you are ready to start practicing tracing the lines from the apples or pumpkins to their coordinating pies.

This November preschool prewriting activity builds pencil holding skills, stroke fluency, line variation, and focus.

9. November Mosaic Shapes for Collage

Time to work on spacial awareness! To do this November Mosaic Collage give your preschooler objects (things from nature, beads, pom-poms, paper scraps, etc) and have them fill in the November-themed shape.

Encourage them to fill the shape, but stay inside the lines.

If you want to take this activity to the next level, and make it more of a fine motor activity, you could have your kids use a pair of child-friendly tweezers to maneuver the pieces around. (affiliate link)

10. Pilgrim Patterns

Last in our November Preschool Activity Binder are patterns. Using small math link cubes, or colored wooden blocks, have your kids recreate the pilgrim pattern given.

This preschool pattern activity is an awesome activity for teaching problem solving, spacial awareness, patterns, and fine-motor skills.

Low-Prep Preschool Activities for November

This is a LOW-Prep preschool activity pack! No laminating or endless hours of cutting. Simply print, slip into page protectors, and get started.

Note: I keep all the activities in a binder that my kids can pull out and work through. I also find it helpful to keep the blocks, feathers, dry erase marker and anything else we are using with this binder in a box along with the activities.

House Hold Items You Can Use For November Preschool Binder

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As you gather a few items for your kids to use with this printable November preschool binder, don’t sweat it! Use items that you already have on hand. Here are a few suggestions:

November preschool activity binder printable resource -

November Preschool Activity Binder DOWNLOAD

This is a great resource for homeschool or classroom use. We use it at home with our preschool and its been a really big hit. If you want to use it as well, you can download the November Preschool Activity Binder and get started today!

More Preschool Resources

Get an Activity Binder for December too!

candy cane pipe-cleaner
December Preschool Activity Binder

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