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The Ultimate Children’s Picture Book List Organized by Topic

Let me encourage you to read with your kids today. And here is a huge, free, printable picture book list to get you started!

Huge free picture book list for parents and teachers

For some time, I have really wanted to give young parents a resource to get them started reading to their kids.

If there is one thing I am convinced of, its that kids who are read-aloud to from an early age are given an academic advantage in life over those who were not. Not only that, but reading together creates a regular way to connect with your kids and foster that strong relational bond.

Other benefits of reading aloud to your kids include:

  • Learning the habit of attention
  • Building vocabulary
  • Learning language and intonation
  • Building confidence and comprehension
  • Fosters empathy
  • Education readiness

My hope is that you get in the habit of taking time to read to your kids every day! Trust me, it will be time well spent.

Summary of Inspire the Mom’s Printable Picture Book List 

  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Monthly theme ideas
  • Index of topics
  • 38 topics with 10 books per topic

Simple and Easy-to-Use

My goal was to make a simple, easy-to-use book list resource for parents and teachers. So simple, you could look up a topic, place your library order, and get reading.

To keep it clean,  I did not included reviews or summaries for the books in this list.  However, I have marked our family’s favorites on there as a point of reference. (For summaries and reviews you can check out the  individual blog post book lists for many of these topics I’ve already covered.)


Monthly Theme Ideas

I also included a monthly theme ideas page. I thought this could be helpful for homeschool moms or teachers who want to explore these topics as possible unit themes. Having this page, they can choose a topic, have a booklist handy, add a few supplemental activities, and have the beginnings of a great unit already planned.

free picture book list topics page

Index of Picture Book Topics

There is an index page at the front of this picture book list so you can easily see all the topics in one glance and easily navigate to the page number you need. Whether you are looking for some picture books about kindness or or about a color, this list has you covered.

These are the topics included in the book list: (I’ve added links in this list to the topics that I’ve written blog-post reviews/summaries for, as well as unit study plans.)

Best Picture Books Selected 

Now, about the books that I’ve included on this list… As a mom and teacher my goal is to choose books that are not only enjoyable, but good, respectful, appropriate, educational, diverse, and beautiful. So of them are popular picture books and others are tried and true classics.

How to assemble the printable children’s picture books list

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate links)

For this list of picture books, I laminated the front and back cover, then had it bound at our local print shop for a couple dollars. You could just as easily print this off and put it in a 1.5 inch three ring binder. But since we homeschool in a small space, I like to keep things as compact as I can.

Free Picture Book List DOWNLOAD

This resource was made for the moms, dads, and teachers in the Inspire the Mom Community. If you would like to join and get access to this free picture book list download as well as other great resources feel free to join below! (*Please note that this resource is for PERSONAL use only and should not be modified, distributed, hosted on your site, or sold.)

Before you go, check out these other book lists…

What do you think are the best picture books of all time?

*This post contains amazon affiliate links.

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