Printable Pre-Writing Notebook for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Today I’m sharing this Printable Pre-Writing Notebook that I created and plan on using with my son.

My three-year old son loves to be a participant in school time. Sometimes its as simple as listening to our read aloud while he plays with his cars and other times he wants to feel like he is actively pursuing higher education. 

Being the busy-body that he is, I’m always on the hunt to keep him occupied while I work with his older sister.

My latest venture is this pre-writing notebook…

Since I don’t officially school him, my goal is to give him every opportunity to build his fine motor skills while making him feel apart of what we are doing.



What is Pre-Writing for Preschoolers?

Simply put, prewriting is developing the fine motor skills needed to begin writing. 

It is a gentle introduction to handwriting. It’s building fine motor skills, becoming acclimated to a pencil, expanding their attention and focus, and  teaching the simple lines needed to eventually, form letters.

(These beginning marks include: vertical and horizontal lines, diagonal lines, x’s, plus signs, squares, circles, and triangles.) 


printable prewriting notebook c page


Why Pre-Writing is Important for Preschoolers

Prewriting organizes the coordination needed to write. By focusing on building fine motor skills and basic strokes needed for handwriting we are fostering: good pincer skills, pencil grip, bilateral coordination, good posture, visual perception, cognitive focus, confident, and school readiness.

Of course, it’s all just fun for them!



Other Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills

I know there are so many ways to foster fine motor skills. The best way being, to do every day activities together like building blocks, or turning pages of a book.

Other fine-motor activities can include things like: lacing cards, play dough mats, Sensory Bins, Painting, and Crafting with String.

It sounds so simple, but these little things can make a huge difference.

When I taught elementary, I helped administer the Kindergarten aptitude tests and observed many children who could not function with the simplest skills needed to begin grade school.

My point being, don’t underestimate the things you teach your kids and the time your spend with them. You are preparing them for the day they are handed a pencil and asked to write their name.



Printable Pre-Writing Notebook

Back to the pre-writing notebook…

Jace has been making circles on paper and asking me how to draw certain objects. I thought I would combine his desire to draw with an introduction to the basic strokes of handwriting.

In the notebook, on each page is a picture for him to trace or draw a familiar object using a particular stroke. Then, at the bottom of the page is a series of traceable stokes in traditional handwriting format.

I don’t correct, or even give much instruction. He just traces and draws, and inevitably feels quite proud of himself. And while he’s feeling great, I am too…It’s like secretly mixing vegetables into his food.

prewriting notebook balloon page


How to Assemble the Printable Pre-Writing Notebook

This is a small activity notebook. Any small three-ring binder or folder would have worked, but I chose a durable 1/2 inch three-ring binder as well as, heavy weight, clear page protectors that could withstand the use of a three-year old.

I inserted the 16 page printable into the page protectors and enclosed them within the three-ring binder, and voila! Done!

Materials used: (Amazon Affiliate Links in this list)


Printable prewriting notebook map page




Printable Pre-Writing Notebook Download

If you would like to use this resource for your homeschool or classroom. The Printable Prewriting Notebook Download is found in my tpt store. Please keep in mind, that this is for personal or single classroom use only.




How to Develop Prewriting Skills

Practice, practice, practice. Give your student a writing utensil and have them practice. It’s not about perfection, it’s about building muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, and attention.

In addition to structured learning, give them screen-free activities that will build their fine motor skills, Either through play, or helping out around the house.




More Printable Prewriting Resources

If you want more prewriting activity options, you can check out some of these resources as well. 

preschool prewriting



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