Printable Alphabet Cards

This summer is flying by. My intentions to continue even the slightest of organized schooling throughout the summer has gone by the wayside and has been replaced with swim lessons, vacations, day trips, outdoor fun, and extra play with cousins.

I don’t feel bad though, because as Charlotte Mason so wisely said, “Why be indoors, when you can rightfully be without.”

They are soaking in new knowledge and experiences every day. ?



Traceable Alphabet Cards


In spite of our summer fun, homeschool is right around the corner…

Jace had been working through Alpha-Phonics as well as, the Bob Books for his reading. However, come September, I know he’s going to need to brush-up on his letter identification and sounds.

Therefore, I whipped up some cute, alphabet cards with a traceable font for a little fun and colorful way to get back into the swing of reading and writing.



Ways to Use the Printable Alphabet Cards


I plan to use these to reinforce letter identification (lower and uppercase), sound recognition (short vowels at this point), and basic introduction to letter formation.

Note: if your kiddo is not ready to start forming letters, you can check out this Pre-Writing Notebook.

Practical Ideas for Use:

  • Lay all the cards out and have them find the ‘t’ sound (substitute for other letters.)
  • Lay all the cards out and have them find the letter a (substitute for other letters.)
  • Demonstrate the proper letter strokes, then have them try drawing the letter themselves.
  • Have them find the first letter for the word “Dog” (substitute for other words)
  • Write the letter that sounds like…
  • Find the letter that is at the beginning of your name…
  • Post on the wall for a daily visual (use a fun pointer to practice sounds and letter recognition)


Note: If you use these for tracing, make sure you are teaching the proper strokes. You don’t want to form bad habits that you will have to correct later. This Handwriting Notebook has demonstrative strokes included and well as lots of pages for further practice.



Download and Assembly


If you would like to use these for your kids, you can find the download HERE.

Super easy assembly. Just print off the printable, laminate and cut. (A paper-cutter will make the cutting go faster as well as, give you nice straight lines.)

Materials Needed:




What fun ways do you like to teach the alphabet?

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  1. Hi Jessica, I am sure it is hard to keep a schedule during the summer especially when it is nice outside !! They will get back to sooner than we know. This is a great printable resource for the basics in alphabet learning. I hope you ar e doing good, hugs, Terri xo.

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