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December Preschool Activity Binder

Gingerbread men, snow, gifts, and Christmas elves… the month of December is here! Today I’m sharing our printable December Preschool Activity Binder with over 100 pages of printable hands-on, fine motor, math, and literacy games for preschoolers.

This December preschool binder is full of colorful Christmas activities that help to build your preschoolers skills in the areas of letters, numbers, writing, fine-motor skills and more!

You can print off your own copy of this December preschool Activity binder and get started today OR you can simply look through for some Christmas inspiration and ideas.

So whether you are looking for some December preschool center ideas, or putting together some Christmas activities for your preschooler at home, I hope you will leave inspired to make this holiday season special for your little ones.

December Preschool Activity Binder

These printable December Preschool Activities cover a lot of things on our list of things your preschooler can learn at home. Things like letter recognition, counting, shapes, patterns, name writing, prewriting, and more.

The best part is, my kids love these activities and I love that everything is low-prep and ready to go!

If you are curious about how I store these Printable Christmas preschool activities, I put all the pages into page protectors and put them into a three-ring binder for easy access. You could also laminate the pages to make them more durable. 

Interested to see what’s inside of the December preschool activity binder? Let’s check it out!

1. Alphabet Hats Game

First off, we have the Alphabet hats preschool activity is a fun alphabet game that focuses on practicing letter recognition.

To play, have your kids cover all the appropriate letters with a given item. Note: I used colored cube blocks for this activity but you could use anything you have around the house. (Math link cubes, buttons, cereal, blocks, etc.) (Amazon links included)

Mats for all the letters are included in this December Preschool Activity binder and both uppercase and lowercase are represented.

2. Gingerbread Number Play Dough Mats

This gingerbread number game teaches number recognition, number words, as well as counting. There is a page for each number, numbers 1-10.

Note: Play Dough would be great for this activity but you could also look into using other options like Mad Matter, kinetic sand, or even buttons. (amazon affiliate links)

3. Snowball Counting Mats with Cotton Balls

Next, we have the snowball counting activity for preschoolers. It is super simple yet fun for young, tactile learners.

To begin, give you child a pile of cotton balls and then let them start counting the snowballs. (There is a page for each number, numbers 1-10 in the Printable December preschool binder.)

4. Fine Motor Shape Outline Activity

For this next fine-motor exercise of kids gather some small objects from around your house like beads or cereal. Then, have your child practice outlining each shape.

The best part is, while your preschoolers work on their fine-motor skills they are also being introduced to 2-D shapes.

5. Candy Cane Pipe-Cleaner Patterns

My kids loved this preschool pattern activity! To start, give your preschooler a pipe cleaners and pony beads. (Note: you could probably use fruit loops as an alternative to the beads.)

Then, encourage them to replicate the candy cane pattern on the page and be sure to take some pictures of your kids enjoying these December preschool activities.

6. Alphabet Sounds Activity

Now its time to work on letter sounds with this Christmas alphabet sounds page. First, put this page in a clear page protector. Then let your preschooler trace the letters with a dry erase marker.

To finish it off, give your child a handful of small objects, like blocks or buttons, to cover up the pictures that begin with that particular sound.

7. Color Lights Activities

Next, its time to go review colors with this Christmas lights color activity page. For this activity you will need colored blocks or other small colored items. Because your preschooler will be matching the correct color block to the coordinating colored light.

8. Between the Lines Challenge

This next December preschool activity is an amazing fine-motor challenge that requires a lot of practice, dexterity, and focus.

To do this activity, use yarn, string, or pipe-cleaners and challenge your preschooler to try and arrange the string between the lines.

Note: I loved the focus and dexterity that this preschool activity builds!

9. Trace the Lines Prewriting Activity

Now its time for a little prewriting practice in the December Preschool Activity Binder. To begin, make sure the ‘trace the lights’ page is in a clear, heavy-duty page protector.

Next, give your preschooler a dry erase marker. Let them practice their pre-writing skills while tracing the lines. Wipe off and reuse!

10. Mosaic Christmas Shape Activity

This December Preschool Binder comes with ten Christmas outlined shapes for kids to practice their spacial awareness.

To start, have them fill the shapes with paper scrapes, buttons, leaves, rocks, sequences, pom-poms, etc.) Encourage them to keep the color inside of the lines.

11. Pattern Grid Match Game

Lastly, patterns! Using blocks or math cubes have them recreate the patterned grid given. This will be a challenging activity for most kids, but with practice they will build their visual discrimination skills and fly through them.

Low-Prep December Preschool Activity Binder

The best thing about this Christmas preschool printable is that it is LOW-PREP. After you download and print, round up a few manipulatives you have around your house or classroom and get started.

Note: I found it helpful to put all the pages in clear page protectors and put them in a binder, that way everything is in one place and the kids can just flip through and work at their own pace.

Fine Motor Materials from Around the House

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links)

These December fine motor activities can be played with everyday items you will find around your house. Simply look around, and get creative. Here are a few suggestions:

How to Use the December Preschool Activity Binder

This Christmas preschool resource can be used in a number of ways. First, you could use these December preschool printables for your classroom math or literacy centers.

Second, you could print it off, give the binder and materials to your child, and let them work through it independently

OR lastly, you could work through each individual activity with your child. Prompting them with questions and getting them to verbalize as they are learning.

Here are a few sample questions:

  • What color is that?
  • Can you name the shapes?
  • How many snowballs are on this page?
  • What number is this? Can you count that number on your fingers?
  • Can you tell me what a pattern is?
  • What sound does this letter make?
  • Can you think of any other words that begin with that sound?
  • How many colors are in this pattern?

December Preschool Activity Binder DOWNLOAD

Feel free to use this resource OR the ideas for your homeschool or classroom! You can get the December Preschool Activity Binder Download and get started today!

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What are some of your favorite Christmas activities for preschoolers?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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