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Printable Spanish Interactive Learning Folder

Today I’m sharing a printable Spanish Interactive Learning Folder. We are introducing Spanish this year to our kids. Though my husband and I took Spanish in high school, we are planning to learn right alongside them. 

I’ve been asking around about how to teach a foreign language to children. From what I’ve read, submersion is always best, but basic vocabulary and phrase-learning is a great place to start.

Charlotte mason’s approach to teaching foreign language was primarily oral lessons of phrases. A phrase would be introduced than repeated while associating it with a motion.  I found a program that follows her method and purchased it for our Spanish year 1.  (Cherrydale Press)

It covers quite a bit of ground and comes with listening files for correct pronunciation. However, I noticed that it doesn’t introduce a lot of the basic vocabulary or common-use phrasing. (It feels a bit antiquated to me.)

Therefore, I decided to make a Spanish Interactive Learning Folder to supplement our foreign language studies along with a book of Spanish songs I picked up at a local thrift store and these Spanish Alphabet Cards.



Spanish Interactive Learning Folder


My kids love hands-on, colorful learning so I started there.  The Learning folder is 27 pages of interactive, vocabulary-building exercises with pronunciation included for each page.




Age Appropriateness


We will be using for our kids ages six and under. Although, I think it would work great as resource to supplement any introductory Spanish course for the elementary grades.




Topics Covered

The folder includes:

  • Colors
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Counting
  • Counting by 10s
  • Spanish Alphabet
  • Seasons
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Pets
  • Farm animals
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Common greetings and good manners
  • Body parts
  • Clothes
  • Common household/bedroom/kitchen items
  • Modes of transportation
  • Continents
  • Common action verbs
  • Songs


NOTE: You can view a video of the entire contents of this folder HERE.





Once again, I tried to make this durable to withstand at least a year-full of use from my young children. Therefore, I laminated each page and used clear velcro to attach the movable pieces. Then I purchased a heavy-duty notebook to put the pages in.

It’s a little more work upfront, but it is well worth it in the long run. ALSO, I made use of a small paper cutter this time around, which saved me a TON of cutting time.


Assembly materials used:


NOTE: If you wanted to use this for a group of kids or a classroom setting, a three-ring, easel binder would be another great presentation option.



Printable Download for You


If you want to make this Spanish Interactive Learning Folder for your child/classroom you can purchase the DOWNLOAD HERE.

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