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Alphabet Dot and Dab Activities

These dot and dab activities are another fun, colorful way to teach the alphabet. Using bingo dabbers, kids can easily learn to recognize their letters.

Up until now, we haven’t done many dot and dab activities, but my preschoolers really seemed to enjoy this. Of course, I was glad there was over 60 pages because they flew through them.

I guess that’s why it makes such a good preschool activity, it’s short and sweet. ?



Dot and Dab Activities Tips

  • We were able to use Non- toxic bingo daubers, but you could always use a marker or just have them circle the correct letter with a crayon or pencil.
  • Sometimes the daubers can get messy, therefore, an art mat isn’t a bad idea.
  • Using the alphabet chart, review all the letters first.
  • Guide the child through the pages as they work through them.
  • Help your student to differentiate between the letters.




Download Dot and Dab Activities

I created these Alphabet Dot and Dab activity sheets with my kids in mind, however, if you want to download this Alphabet Dot and Dab Pack for your homeschool or classroom you can find the download HERE.




This is a 60 page download that teaches letter recognition, letter sounds, handwriting, and fine motor skills for preschoolers through kindergarteners.


What are your favorite alphabet activities?



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