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Review of The Spiral Bible™

Looking for a review of the Spiral Bible™ ? If so, stick around because I’m going to give you a quick tour around this neat, new Bible!

A Bible that lays flat? You have to admit, that’s genius.

Not only does the Spiral Bible™ lay flat and have room for note-taking and art, it comes in various layouts for both adults and kids!

But before we jump ahead of ourselves, let’s do an overview of the Spiral Bible’s features.

Features of the Spiral Bible

NOTE: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.

Spiral Bible Features:

  • 8.5 x 11in pages (counting the coil, its about 9x11in)
  • Wide margins
  • Large Print
  • Thick coil (sturdy binding)
  • Space for note-taking
  • Thick white paper
  • Lays flat
  • Decorative cover
  • Chipboard back cover
  • Available in KJV and ASV

The Spiral Bible Options for Adults

This Spiral Bible comes in various options for adults. You can get the full New Testament (that’s the one they sent me), the books of poetry, the books of the law, the books of history, or the books of prophets.

And while you are not getting the full Bible, I like that you are getting a portion of scripture that you can really focus on, and take notes in.

I will say this, I would keep an extra Bible on hand for Bible study notes and cross-referencing. This spiral bound Bible is not a study Bible it’s more of a note-taking/journaling Bible.

NOTE: Depending on what collection you decide to go with, the price range for these Bibles are between $28-$46.

The Spiral Bible Options for Kids

Along with working on our current memory verses, we are also trying to teach our children how to read and study the Bible. I’m excited to give this Spiral bound Bible to our first grader and see how it encourages her to interact with God’s word.

Right now, the Spiral Bible for kids offers the book of Genesis AND the book of Exodus in a kid-friendly format. Kid-friendly being, not only text and space for note-taking, but also pictures on each page for children to color.

As a mom, I appreciate the visual representation of the Bible stories! We homeschool our kids and I’m always looking for creative ways to teach new things. And as we’ve discovered over and over, kids learn well from pictures and hand’s on activities.

NOTE: The Genesis and Exodus Bibles are priced around $20.

What Art Mediums Can you Use with the Spiral Bible?

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If you are someone who enjoys using various art mediums in your Bible journaling, you will more than likely enjoy the Spiral Bible™.

The paper in this spiral bound Bible is definitely thicker than the typical, super-thin, Bible pages you are used to. They are closer to a very light cardstock.

With that begin said, most mediums do very well with the thick pages of this Bible. Of course, anything you would use on a regular Bible, with no issues, will definitely work in the Spiral Bible. These things include highlighters, gel pens, and colored pencils.

Now for some of the more wet or inky options, I recommend doing a test run first. Light stamping should be fine but watercolors and other liquid paints would probably be too wet and would warp the pages.)

Note: There is a blank note page at the back of the Spiral Bible that would be great for you to test your art mediums on!

Art Mediums to use on the Spiral Bible:

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Ways to Get Creative with the Spiral Bible

This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I may earn a commission from sales made. Thank you.

Bible Journaling can be a great way to interact with God’s word while expressing the creativity He put in our hearts.

It can allow us to slow down and really spend time chewing on what we’ve read while keeping our hands busy. A Bible study scrapbook of sorts.

Want a few ideas to add some color, life, thickness, and scrappiness to your Spiral Bible? Here are a few fun, creative Bible Journaling accessories you could use with your spiral bound journaling Bible.

Creative Bible Journaling Accessories:

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How I plan to use the Spiral Bible

This year, I have been challenged to not only read God’s Word but to study it. (“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:30 NIV)

New Bibles, tools, and accessories are great, but getting into the Word and digging deep is what’s important. With that being said, my plan is to grab my Study Bible, the Spiral Bible notebook, and a handful of pens and highlighters and do just that.

I plan to use the awesome flat-layout of the Spiral Bible™ as my messy, note-taking space; to write out the common words I find, make lists, compare texts, doodle thoughts, and note any personal application.

Pros and Cons: Spiral Bible Review

I was so grateful for the opportunity to try this spiral bound journaling Bible. The more we can get into God’s Word, see who He is, and learn His design for our life, the better off we will be.

Here is a basic overview of my personal thoughts on the Spiral Bible. Get one for yourself and see what you think!


  • Sturdy binding
  • Thick paper
  • Space for notes
  • Options for kids
  • Lays flat
  • Great for Bible journaling
  • Focused portions of scripture


  • Bulky (size and weight) for travel
  • No Study Notes or Cross references
  • Not the full Bible
  • Limited translation options
  • Limited options for kids

Where can I get a Spiral Bible?

Are you interested in trying the Spiral Bible™? If so, you can visit the Spiral Bible Website and check out all of their options for both kids and adults!

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What would you add to this Spiral Bible Review?

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