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Spring Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Clip cards are such an easy activity to whip together for kids that learn from multi-sensory activities. These kids benefit from busy hands at the same time their mind is working.

This is my son.

It’s just as much about pinning to the correct letter as it is about mastering the clothespin. 

I made a set of Summer Clip Cards a while back, and we just needed a fresh set to keep up with the seasons and the things we are learning about.

Bees, bugs, and flowers is where its at.



spring clip cards


How we Use this Resource

Before we begin, we review the sounds using this alphabet chart. Singing the alphabet song with the letter sounds instead of the letter names has helped him in identifying the individual sounds.

Then, he goes to town on the cards. He says what the picture is out loud, then pins to the beginning letter of that word.

Simple as that.

This activity can last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes it just depends on the day. Some days we’ll switch things up. We will take turns, keep score, or work towards a fun treat. Either way, we have found this activity to really help enforce letter recognition and sounds.

Note: when my three-year-old does this activity, she uses chip-clips instead. (The clothespins are still a little too hard for her to work.




 Assembly and use:

1. Download and Print the Spring Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

2. Laminate the cards

3. Cut each card out

4. Give your student a clothespin and a card and have them find the letter on the bottom that makes the corresponding sound to the picture.


Spring Clip Card Download

This activity was made with my son in mind, but would benefit any emerging reader.

If you want to make some of these Spring Beginning Sounds Clip Cards for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download HERE.








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