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Alphabet Learning Folder

When we are teaching our kids the alphabet we are actually asking them to memorize three things about each letter: the uppercase, lowercase, and coordinating letter sound.

That’s a lot for little ones!



I was on the hunt for a multi-sensory, alphabet flip chart to teach this and I just couldn’t find what I was looking for, So… I decided to make an Alphabet Learning Folder that focused on teaching these elements of the alphabet in an interactive way.

The first section of this learning folder is simply learning the alphabet. Uppercase, lowercase, and a picture that represents a sound. 

There is a page for each letter of the alphabet.

As my daughter works through the pages, she can match the pictures. (I challenge her to say each of them out loud, “uppercase C,  lowercase c, c says ‘c’ like cat.)

We have been working on a couple letters a week and am already starting to see some growth.

Of course, its fun watching her make the connections when she reads stories like Dr. Suess’s ABC,  is able to play with beginning sound clip-cards, or when she sees a letter she recognizes somewhere around the house. (These connections are really where the magic happens!)





The second section of this learning folder contains practice activities. These activities include uppercase and lowercase matching, sorting confusing letter blends, and filling in the missing letter.



Alphabet Learning Folder Assembly


This notebook takes a little prep work up front, but it is a great resource that can be used over and over again. As far as, the laminating, cutting, and adding velcro goes, enlist the help of older kids or a spouse and you’ll find that the process will go a lot faster.

First, laminate all the activity pages. Then you will need to cut out the pieces on the pages that say ‘laminate and cut’. (These will be the moveable pieces that your child will attach to the pages.)

(Not all pages have pieces with them.)

Attach the pieces, using clear velcro. (Don’t skimp on the velcro, or the book won’t withstand multiple uses.)

Lastly, put it together in a half 3-ring, 1.5 inch binder. (I use an easel binder)


Assembly materials used:

Note: don’t skimp on the velcro (the binder will last longer if the pieces stick well).




I’ve had a ton of people ask how I store the pieces. In my experience, keeping the pieces attached to each page works the best.

I’ve taught my kids to do one page at a time, and make sure the pieces are back in place, before they turn to work on the next.




A Printable Download for you:


This Alphabet Learning Folder was made with my kiddos in mind. However, I have also made it available for you. If you would like this resource for your homeschool or classroom you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.




Alphabet Learning Folder Contents:


This product is broken up into two sections:

1. Learning the alphabet. This section focuses on learning the uppercase, lowercase, and sound for each letter of the alphabet.

2. Practicing the alphabet. This section includes activities that allows the students to practice their letters. These activities include:

  • fill in the missing letters
  • matching upper to lower
  • differentiating upper and lower
  • letter recognition
  • b and d sort
  • w and m sort
  • p and q sort





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