States and Capitals Print and Cursive Copywork

I have been procrastinating on teaching the fifty states and their capitals. It’s a lot of information, and I want it be memorable rather than a memory exercise.

Making a physical trek around the states with the kids would be ideal, but that’s not exactly in the foreseeable future. ?

Therefore, I’ve crafted up a few ways to weave it into our home school day….

1. I purchased The 50 States book which is really neat. It has maps of each state filled with interesting facts, people, and historical events.

2. I also got this Dover United States coloring book. My kids love coloring and each page teaches the state shape, bird, flower, and more.

3. Wanting to add an musical element, we are going to attempt to learn this states and capitals song I found on youtube. (wish me luck.?)

4. Last, but not least, I put together this States and Capitals print copywork for my daughter. She just finished her quotes copywork, consequently, this should be an easy integration for us.


States and Capitals Print Copywork


This copywork notebook is 62 pages long.  The beginning has a list of all fifty states in alphabetical order. Then there is a page for each state that has a copy sentence of the state slogan and one for the state capital.




I printed the file, laminated the first and last page, then had it bound at our local print shop for $2.99. It was very inexpensive to make, sturdy, and looks great.

Another easy option would be to use a 3-ring binder or simply print and go.



Printable Download for You:

If you would like this resource for your homeschool or classroom you can find the download HERE.



This is a 62 page States and Capitals Copywork resource. For more details check out the preview below.???



ALSO available in CURSIVE:

This notebook is also available in Cursive handwriting as well. You can find the cursive download HERE.


Wondering about the benefits of having your student do copywork? Check out THIS ARTICLE!


What are YOUR favorite resources for teaching the states and capitals?


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