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Printable First Day of School Signs for Preschool thru 12th Grade

Our family is a couple weeks out from officially starting school back up, but I’m am getting some of our resources together. Today I will be sharing the first day of school signs we will be using.


Printable First day of School Signs

I thought it would be really fun to buy blank t-shirts at Hobby Lobby and do a quick iron-on design using my Cricut. HOWEVER, this summer has gotten away from me, and those plans have gone by the wayside.

Moving on, we decided on the print and go method. ?

I went ahead and printed our signs on some white card stock and we now, are good to go.

I’m pleased. They work great and will make a nice addition to my back-to-school arsenal. I might even find  cute, patterned paper for a background piece to add some color.. We’ll see…

Note: a big shout-out to my amazing kids who posed for a back-to-school photo shoot before it was time to go back to school. ?



Different File Types

Since the t-shirts were my original idea, I had the SVG’s made. However to simplify and do posters, I ended up having to make jpegs and pngs as well. Such is life, at least I am completely prepared either way for next year…and the next..and the next.


File Types Explained

For those of you who plan on downloading this resource, here is a basic explanation of different file types. I’m sorry if this is rudimentary for some, but it could be super beneficial for someone else. 

Keep in mind that each file type has its own job. So if you are trying to open a svg file for print and go, it won’t work. (You will need the JPEG for that purpose.)

Here are the file types and what they are designed to do:


PNG– has a transparent background (which means you can add this as a clipart to a project like a name card or something like that.

SVG– for use with a cutting machine (cricut/Silhouette) for t-shirts and other crafts.


Printable First Day of School Download

These were created with my kids in mind. However, if you would like a copy for your homeschool or classroom, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE. 

Note: This is a zip file containing First Day of School signs for Preschool through 12th grade. Each grade contains three file types: JPEG, PNG, SVG.


?Another Back-to -School Resource?

Don’t forget to get your All About Me Book! A fun, back-to-school, creative writing activity!



I’d love to know…

What are some of your family’s favorite back-to-school traditions?


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  1. A back to school tradition that was started in my family and that we have continued with the next gen is to have a first day pep talk i.e. what the expecations are, what the goal for the year is, a memory verse for guidance, and a prayer. After that it’s pictures, height measuring, and doughnut time. We love the first day of school!

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