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DIY Christmas Wood Sign Ornaments

We are getting a head start on our ornament tradition this year because I have a few different ones I want to try. The first one: Christmas wood sign ornaments are done! So far, we are pleased with how they turned out. Christmas Wood Crafts I love wood ornaments, wood crafting, and Christmas wood decor….

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How to Make Pressed Flower Gift Tags

Using the flowers we dried earlier this season, we have learned how to make pressed flower gift tags. This has been such a fun way to preserve some of our favorite flowers from our garden. How to Press Flowers in a Book Earlier this summer, my kids and I learned how to press our garden…

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Parts of an Apple Craft

Here is a fun, little, parts of an apple craft we did with our kids. Stick around to find out where to get the template download and how we used this craft to learn more about apples in our homeschool. What are the parts of an apple? This activity focuses on teaching the stem, leaf,…

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Size and Color Match Traffic Light Craft

Today I am sharing this super-simple, size and color match, traffic light craft you can do with your littles. You can do it as a stand alone craft or add it to your transportation unit like we are. Size and Color Matching for Preschoolers This is a wonderfully simple craft for preschoolers. It’s not overcomplicated…