Nativity Story for kids plus nativity unit.
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The Nativity Story for Kids

Today I’m sharing the nativity story for kids, as well as, nativity story resources you can use to help teach about Jesus throughout the Christmas season.

First off, here’s the Nativity Story for kids:

The Nativity Story for Kids

An angel named Gabriel came to Mary and told her that she was chosen by God to bring the Savior into the world.

Since Mary was a virgin, and not even married yet, she was confused how it would all work. But she trusted the Lord, and she became pregnant just as the angel had foretold.

Joseph also was confused by the situation. But an angel visited him as well and told him not to fear. After this, Joseph put his full trust in the Lord and decided he would still get married to Mary.

At this time, there went out a degree from Caesar Augustus that everyone had to go back to their home towns to be registered. Joseph’s hometown was Bethlehem.

The newly married couple packed their bags and headed to Bethlehem. When they arrived in Bethlehem, Mary was ready to give birth. Mary and Joseph tried to find a place to stay, but all the inns were full.

One innkeeper said he didn’t have any room in his inn, but said they could stay in the stable with his animals. At least they would be warm and dry.

Mary gave birth to a little boy. She named him Jesus because he would save his people from their sins.

Meanwhile in the fields nearby, there were shepherds watching over their sheep. An angel appeared to them and they were afraid. But the angel said, “Do not be afraid I have good news! Today, in Bethlehem a Savior has been born for you. You all find him wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger.”

Then the Shepherds looked up into the night sky and saw a host of angels singing “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill to all.” They said to one another, “Let us got to Bethlehem and see this Christ Child.”

There were also wise men who heard of the Messiah’s Birth. Following the star, they traveled from far places to present the Christ Child with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

All who saw Jesus went and told others about the wonderful things they had seen and experienced. But Mary pondered all of the things quietly in her heart.

What are some things kids can learn from the Nativity Story?

Are you planning a Christmas advent, Nativity unit study, or simply wanting to spread the Nativity story for kids throughout the holiday season? If so, here are some things you can expound on.

  • Nativity vocabulary
  • The Nativity Storyline for Kids
  • The history of the Nutcracker
  • Learn about Bethlehem
  • Names of God
  • Character Studies
  • Creative writing, nativity poetry, and nativity copywork
  • Books and story adaptations
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Nativity-themed activities

Get the Nativity Unit Study Download

If you are interested, check out the Nativity Unit Study on Etsy. It gives you tons of ways to expound on the Nativity story while making it fun and engaging for kids preschool through 4th grade. Here are a few things it includes:

1. Nativity Vocabulary

Since the focus of our Nativity unit study is geared towards preschool through elementary aged kids, we will be exploring words like shepherd, Bethlehem, wisemen, Jesus, Christmas, and more.

Note: The printable Nativity Unit comes with vocabulary cards, definitions, and traceable word lists.

2. Nativity Story Cards for Kids

The Nativity printable also include sequencing story cards, interactive puppet cutouts, character cards, and more!

3. A Brief Look at Bethlehem

There is also a brief look at the place where Jesus was born. This mini look of Bethlehem is a great introduction for young kids yet adds to the meaning and context of Christ’s birth.

4. The Names of God used in the Nativity

Another fun aspect of the Nativity Story is exploring the different names that were given to Jesus. This unit, teaches kids about those names, as well as verses where they can be found.

5. Nativity-Themed Preschool Pages

In this unit, there are also pages geared specifically for preschoolers. These pages include Nativity-themed letter and prewriting practice.

Tip: To make these pages re-usable, laminate them or put them in heavy-duty page protectors. Using kid-friendly, dry-erase markers, let your kids do their favorite pages over and over.

6. Creative Writing, Nativity Poetry, and Copywork

I like to include poetry and copywork into our units. Whether we are doing an apple unit study or a unit about winter animals, I think that poetry and copywork add a literacy component that teaches lasting language skills.

For this Nativity Printable unit, I’ve included an original poem that sequences and summarizes the Nativity story for kids. Then, there are print copywork pages to encourage handwriting practice, good sentence structure, and story retention.

7. Nativity Picture Books and Bible References

You will also find a list of picture books, and Bible verse references that tell and support your kids learning of the nativity story.

8. Nativity Advent and Celebration

While you learn about the Nativity you can incorporate tradition and celebration throughout it as well. I’ve included a nativity-themed advent calendar that you can get creative with, as well as, Christmas gift tags.

9. Nativity activities for kids

I want this Nativity unit to be an experience, an education, and fun. With that being said, I’ve included lots of printable Nativity activities in this unit.

Some of these printable Nativity activities include painting, word search, puzzles, preschool pages, puppets, and more!

So whether you are looking for Nativity activities for preschool, Nativity activities for kindergarten, or are wanting to do the Nativity unit as a family, I think you will find a little something for everyone.

Get The Nativity Printables on Etsy

If you are interested, you can get the Nativity Unit Study (Great for homeschool, classroom, or Sunday School use).

Nativity for Kids Q & A

1. What does the nativity story teach kids?

The nativity story is a Biblical and historical account that teaches about the birth of the Christ-Child that humbly came to dwell among people, heal their infirmities, and eventually go to the cross to take the punishment for their sins.

2. What does nativity mean?

In simple terms, nativity means the event or occasion of one’s birth.

3. Where in the Bible can the nativity story be found?

In the Bible, the nativity story can be found in Matthew chapters 1 & 2 as well as, Luke chapters 1 & 2.

What are your favorite elements of The Nativity Story for kids?

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