Fall Library Finds for Preschoolers

We are avid readers all year-long, but there is something about cuddling up with a pile of colorful, kids books after spending a playful afternoon in the cool, autumn air.

Gabby Orcutt

I’m going to share a short list of some of our favorites this fall, keeping in mind that these were chosen for my smaller children. (Most of these selections would be appropriate for ages Pre-K through probably about second grade.)

Each book teaches something about Autumn: the changing of seasons, what you can do with pumpkins, leaves, and so on.


Fall Library Finds for Preschoolers


Too Many Pumpkins by Linda white- This is a fun story (based on a true story from the  great depression) about an older woman who wants nothing to do with pumpkins. However, a pumpkin truck accidentally drops a pumpkin in her yard and the seeds end up creating a pumpkin frenzy the following autumn. In the end, she uses her abundance of pumpkins to bless her friends and neighbors with treats and other fall goodies.


The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton– This Caldecott winner is not just for fall but is a great pick to throw in. It’s a cute, imaginative story about a little house that watches the world change around her. It presents an abundance of information about the different seasons, country life, city life, transportation, andadvancement.


Mouses First Fall by Laurn Thompson– This is a simple, little picture book for a young audience. Mouse and Minka discover the colors, shapes, and textures of the changing leaves. This playful story has your child trying to find Minka hiding under and between the leaves.


Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson– This is a tender tale about a small fox who feels sorry for his favorite tree that is losing its leaves. In the end he discovers his favorite tree covered in sparkly icicles and radiating with its new beauty. This story teaches the changing of the seasons in a fun and gentle way.


County Fair by Laura Ingalls Wilder– Another great book from the Little House Series.  In this story Almanzo gets to experience everything that goes along with county fairs: Food, races, contests, and of course the judging of his prized pumpkin.


The Busy Little Squirrel– This cute, little story about a squirrel gathering food for the winter, is a fun conversation starter about the seasonal habits of these furry creatures.


The Little Yellow Leaf– This is a story about a timid leaf that isn’t quite ready to fall. However, after meeting a new friend who is willing to join him, he has the confidence to take the leap.

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What are your favorite books about Fall?

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  1. So many new books, I have overloaded the little bookshelf in the kids room so I am holding off for now, lovely suggestion however 🙂

    I also realized I can’t comment from wordpress directly unless I open your blog in a new tab! WordPress being petty with their software. But now I know 😀

    1. Gotcha! Me too, I found that when I made the switchover it made communicating with other wordpress-er’s a little more challenging. Glad we’re making it work though, It’s nice to have friends to share this blogging journey with. <3

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