Three Unique Ways to Preserve Your Best Memories

Today I’m sharing three ways to preserve your memories. As our kids are getting older it feels like time is flying faster and faster. I can barely remember how old I am each year, let alone all the events and special little moments that occurred throughout our year. Remembering is becoming more of a challenge as my days get busier.

But with having small children, I feel like we are in this small season of life that is so short and so special that I need to carve out a little time to preserve a few memories for later. Not only for me, but for our children and their children, as well.


Three Ways to Preserve Your Memories.

1. One second Everyday: Video Diary This is an app on your phone that pieces together a video using one-second video clips from each day. Sounds monotonous? Actually the app is very user-friendly and edits each video quite easily.  

My sister-in-law used this for 2016 and shared it at the end of the year with all their friends and family. It.was.awesome!  It had tiny little clips from everyday, and it was so fun to see their family grow throughout the year. All in one short little video!




  2. Scrapbook your Christmas letter. This is pretty old school, but I started it when we were first married and it has been a great little book of memories. In fact, I cannot count the times I’ve had to go back to our book and find out what event happened in which year.  

This is the one time I scrapbook a year. I do a two-page layout including our Christmas letter and a few pictures from the year. It’s so fun to have a physical ‘family book’ that our kids can pull off the shelf and remember our story.




3. Memory Box. This is where you have a small box, or treasure chest that holds one item that represents the year. Whether it’s an ornament, a keychain, a picture, a note, or a random object, its something that will take you back to that special time you want to remember. 

One of my sisters writes letters to her kids, on their birthdays, and puts them in a memory box to share with them, when they get older. This is their way of remembering the different milestones and emotions that came along with each person throughout the year.

Taking time to remember, does just that. Takes time. But I always appreciate the effort later when we have moved into a new season of life. It is fun to look back and remember all the wonderful times we have shared as a family.



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What are your favorite ways to preserve your memories?


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  1. We have a journal for each person, and on every birthday, we pull it out and everyone gets to write something to the birthday person. It’s beautiful to see what our kids have written over the past few years. Thank you for sharing some very good ideas.

  2. I do digital scrapbooking. To be honest with you I’m a bit over it, but I’m the sort of person who finishes what I start, so . . . It is much quicker and cheaper than traditional scrapbooking. I make A4 size pages and just print them off and stick them in page protectors in a binder. It takes me a few hours once every couple of months to stay on top of things, and my kids have ridiculously well-documented lives – binders and binders full of scrapbooked pictures.

  3. Hi Dear, I just started following you and love your suggestions on the video app and Christmas Letter! I have the letters saved on my laptop for the past 5 or 6 years, so it is good to save them, the memory box also is such a precious idea, to take us back to a special time in our lives , great blog post, hugs, Terri.

      1. Yes it is neat to relive the past in letters Dear! I can see the different stages of my kids development, life goes fast and it’s good to have all the cuteness documented. Have a great day! Hugs, Terri.

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